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Jeane Dixon: The Political Prophet?

The late American seeress and mystic Jeane Dixon is an interesting character. Credited for predicting significant political events in history she would be consulted by US Presidents from FDR, Richard Nixon and is said to have had some influence over the presidential affairs of Ronald Reagan.

Dixon described herself as God’s messenger, a prophet in the biblical sense who had an extraordinary prophetic accuracy that included the assassinations of Gandhi, JFK and Robert Kennedy. It´s interesting to note however, the events she forecast that would shake the world came true, whereas her predictions about mundane matters such as celebrities, everyday people and insignificant events were usually wrong. In her defense she claimed:

“When a psychic vision is not fulfilled as expected, it is not because what has been shown is not correct; it is because I have not interpreted it correctly.”

Her psychical experiences came as “revelations”, rare visions that communicated the will of God. When wrong she claimed her predictions were “corr­ect when they were made”, because ‘this is the way people feel right now.’

Jeane Dixon was born Lydia Pinckert in 1904, though during her professional life claimed to have been in 1918 and even produced a passport to this effect. As a child she learned astrology from a Jesuit priest. The mystic claimed her gift was identified by a gypsy who she had visited with her mother as an 8-year-old. In 1939, she married James Dixon, a wealthy and influential real estate entrepreneur who also owned a number of successful car dealerships.

During her life time she wrote seven books, although one of her best sellers, My Life and Prophecies, was a fraud. After the publication of this million seller edition, Dixon was sued by Adele Fletcher, who claimed that her rejected manuscript was rewritten and published by Dixon. Fletcher was awarded five percent of the royalties by a jury.

The prophet marked her calendar with good and bad days and it is believed she used this method for Nancy Regan during her husband’s administration. When Chief-of-Staff Donald Regan was dismissed from the White House he wrote in his book, ´For The Record,´ that the First Lady prepared a calendar for the president in which “Numerals were highlighted in green ink for good days, red ink for bad days and yellow ink for ‘iffy’ days…”

Jeane Dixon´s reputation was frowned upon in many quarters, but despite a string of incorrect predictions was still marauded by the popular press, presumably to give credit to US Presidents who were known to have consulted her. After predicting the Munich massacre of the 1972 Olympics, she claimed the USA would be subject to terrorist attacks which attracted the attention of Richard Nixon who subsequently set up a committee on counter terrorism.

Her most famous prediction came in 1960 when she prophesized a US president would die whilst he was in office – though if this prophecy has brought with it much skepticism. According to the seeress, whilst praying before the Virgin Mary in the Cathedral of St Matthew the Apostle a radiant image of the White House appeared and the number “1960” formed above it. An inner voice told her that he was a Democrat, and that the President elected in 1960 would meet with a violent death while in office. That President would be John F. Kennedy although Dixon admitted at the time she thought it would be President Nixon.

In January 1963, Dixon announced Kennedy would be dead before the end of the year. In April, she predicted he would be shot. On 13 November, Dixon allegedly tried to warn the President to avoid a visit to the south. Even more alarmingly she told radio host Long John Nebel: “Something is going to happen to Jack this week.” On the 22nd November, she allegedly announced: “this is the day it will happen.” One and a half hours later, Kennedy was dead.

Five years after the assassination of JFK, Dixon prophesized the death of his brother Robert Kennedy. After addressing a meeting in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, she was asked whether Robert Kennedy would win the elections. She replied, “No, he will never become President of the United States because of a tragedy that will happen right here in this hotel.” A week later Kennedy was shot in a corridor of the Ambassador hotel by Jordan immigrant, Sirhan Sirhan.

Though many of Dixon´s predictions never materialized she did predict the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, the launch of Sputnik, the demise of Nikita Kruschev, and the sinking of the submarines USS Thresher and Scorpion. Other successful predictions include the plane crash that killed the UN Secretary Dag Hammarskold, the landslide election of Dwight Eisenhower, and the surprising defeat of Thomas Dewey by Harry Truman, something nobody, not even political analysts saw coming. But do you notice that all these predictions are political charged. So who was Mrs Jeane Dixon?


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