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12.17.14 - Nostradamus Predicts The Anti-Christ Comes From The Middle-East
12.04.14 - Nostradamus Issues A Stark Warning About The Impending Economic Collapse
12.03.14 - Is ISIS The Beginning of World War Three
11.11.14 - Did Nostradamus Predict Ebola? Nostradamus Ebola Prediction

Are Prophets Designed to Deceive?

Prophecies are open to interpretation. Prophets are questioned for authenticity. There is not one prophecy in the entire history of the world that has not been disputed. There have been plenty of prophets that have been exposed as frauds, but are the famous prophets like Nostradamus who people look to for answers designed to deceive us?

It is without question that some people who claim to be prophets, fortune tellers, psychics or whatever title they go by, generally do so for commercial purposes, the majority of which are not genuine. There is a strong argument however to suggest that some people do have a gift to see visions. If they interpret the vision correctly it comes true.

In the 20th Century, few people can claim to be true prophets that people could put faith in. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet was such a figure and during his life he documented over 7000 medical readings which were proven to be accurate. Cayce explained that he could access the Akashic records, an outer-dimensional library which documents the life of every living soul in its entirety.

On the other end of the spectrum you have Jeanie Dixon, a prophet of some commercial standing that failed miserably in predicting the outcome of events for normal people, but had an extraordinary ability to predict the outcomes of political events and, as the case of the assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, the deaths of prominent people. It was the high-profile prophecies that spiralled her to stardom and became the darling of the media. That she was close friends with the corrupt director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover raises suspicions that she was a psychic plant and was informed about future events rather than influenced through spiritual channelling.

Nostradamus influenced 26th Century society after he predicted Henry II would be killed during a dual. The French seer suggested the king would be killed in a dual after his eye was pierced. Henry died several days after receiving a injury to his eye during a jousting competition at his daughter´s wedding. It was this event that captured the public´s imagination and prompted Queen Catherine to invest in the prophets ability to become the royal courts astrologer.

Century 1 Quatrain 35

The young lion will overcome the older one

On the field of combat in a single battle;

He will pierce his eye through a golden cage,

Two wounds made one, he dies a cruel death.

To this day, many people believe in the prophecies of Nostradamus. The problem we have with the French prophet however, is that he write his quatrains in cryptic verse and leave many of his predictions open to such wide interpretation they can be used to fit anybody´s theory. Only for somebody else to try and prove it wrong.

Wherever there is information, there is disinformation. It comes to a point where nobody know who to believe. The Bible warns us this in several books. In Matthew, chapter 24 verse 24 we are told, “…false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect.” Ezekiel, an Old Testament prophet admits that even prophets themselves can be deceived. In Chapter 14 verse 9, Ezekiel says God told him, “Yea, the prophet himself, when he suffereth himself to be deceived, and speaketh a word, I, Yahweh, have suffereth that prophet to be deceived.

Religious cults generally start with the leader proclaiming to be a prophet, and the same thing can be said with the idea of popular culture, which Nostradamus has become. Whilst it is true that many of his quatrains are hard to argue against, the quatrains that talk of war, starvation, floods and other disasters are popular today because they can be tied to current affairs that we read in the news. But at the same time, people have been saying the same thing about their own time for the last 500 years. Just about every generation believes they are living in the end times.

Whether the prophets that are trusted are designed to deceive or whether we resolve to deceive ourselves is open for debate. would love to hear from you so leave a message in the box below and tell us what you think about the prophecies of Nostradamus.

Read more about nostradamus, quatains, prophecies and 2012.

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