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Assassinations Predicted in Moby Dick

You may not think there would be encoded messages of future assassinations in classic literature, but researchers have discovered no fewer than nine prophecies in Herman Melville´s classic novel, Moby Dick. Published in 1851, the writer is believed to have predicted the assassination of key public figures ranging from Abraham Lincoln in 1865 to Princess Diana in 1997.

Moby Dick tells the story of Ishmael, a young sailor who joins Captain Ahab on the whaleship Pequod. It soon becomes apparent that the sole purpose of the voyage is so the captain can hunt and destroy the ferocious sperm whale Moby Dick who destroyed his previous ship and bit of his leg.

In the novel Melville skillfully uses symbolism and metaphor to explore themes such as good and evil and the existence of God, but interestingly he also employs the psychological concept of anthropomorphism to describe human instincts in the behavior of animals. When animals feel threatened they attack the opponents with an intention to kill them.

Prophecies of Murder

The idea is a fitting analogy for the story, but when you consider that embedded in the text are the murders of at least nine public figures, Melville´s reasoning takes on a completely different meaning. The first prediction “Abe Lincoln gunned down,” came just 14 years after the novel was published. More were to follow.

The Moby code by researcher Michael Drosnin who uses the text akin to a word search puzzle to identify words. Astonishingly the names of the victims and the means by how they were killed fall in close proximity on the page. Could it be a coincidence? Possibly, once or twice – but nine times!

Some predictions are more detailed than others, but the fact they present more information only serves to make you think it cannot be a coincidence. The death of Martin Luther King predicts that he was “prepared for death,” and that he will be “killed by them.” On three consecutive lines of text, one underneath the other we are told the assassination was a “US agent deed.” By underlining each word and connecting them to the next to form a step the sequence of words fall in the exact position as they would if they had been written together in the same sentence.

Like the prophecies of Nostradamus, the predictions in the Moby codes are only foretold after the event as occurred, but given the Moby code is not as complicated to work out as the French seers cryptic clues, it is possible someone might predict the assassination of another public figure that is assassinated by the aristocracy because they pose a threat to their plans.

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