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Bible Prophecies: The Second Bowl of Revelation

In the First Bowl of Revelation we learn that God had moved his wrath from man to nature. The same pattern continues in the second bowl as the second angel pours his bowl into the seas and oceans of the world and “every living creature in the sea,” dies. Nostradamus also claimed similar happenings in many of his quatrains.

What we must remember when attempting to interpret the prophets of the ages is that their approach was philosophical and metaphorical, and, at least in the case of Nostradamus, highly cryptic. Because of this, many commentators focus on the overall catastrophe.

The writers here on can also be accused have using the same doomsayer approach when trying to interpret visionaries, but in our defence it is sometime impossible to look on the bright side. Having said that, it is the nature of the world that some of the predictions are inevitable and when you consider the problems that man has created for our planet it is difficult to see beyond the doom that is approaching. But that doesn´t mean there is no ray of hope, and the second bowl of Revelation is a prime example of how we all have a part to play in saving our planet from destruction.

“Then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living creature in the sea died.” Revelation 16:3

The vision of John the Apostle above is clearly indicating a pollution of the seas, oceans and waters of the planet. When he determines the sea “became blood as of a dead man,” we can presume he was speaking metaphorically and actually meant that the waters of Earth were no longer able to support life, hence “every living creature…died.”

Scientists and environmental activists have been warning us for years about the damage man-made pollution is causing to our seas, rivers and other waterways. Industrial waste, chemicals and devastating oil spills have all played their part to gradually deteriorate aquatic wildlife. Bio-chemical warfare will take things one step further and Nostradamus repeatedly talks of the threat of a devastating war which scholars claim will happen in our time and can be read about elsewhere on this site.

Century 3 Quatrain 10

Greater calamity of blood and famine,
Seven times it approaches the marine shore:
Monaco from hunger, place captured, captivity,
The great one led crunching in a metaled cage.

In the above quatrain, Nostradamus is referring to the calamity of war as a contributing factor to famine which in turned is caused in part by the destruction of fish as a food source. Nuclear fallout will inevitably reach water and destroy thousands of bio-structures of life.

Hopefully, humanity can avoid such consequences as war, but in our unfortunate situation of having leaders intent on world domination such issues may be unavoidable. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of the common man like me and you to divorce ourselves from the white supremacists and concentrate on building a self-sufficient world which avoids pollution and the likelihood of famine in our local communities.

Despite politicians, industry and scientists claiming they are working hard to resolve the mounting environmental problems caused by pollution, the fact of the matter is they are the ones created the problems in the first place. So why should we believe they will clean up their mess.

Both Nostradamus and the last book of the New Testament provide us with warnings that we can see taking affect in today´s world. Though man is to blame for the problems that might potentially lead to the Apocalypse, it is a certain type of man that is at fault. The money-makers. But because of Nostradamus and the Apostle John, the common man is armed with knowledge and insight and it us up to the rest of us to avoid pollution by not arming the wrong-doers with more money.

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