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Charles Murray: The Great Class Divide

Charles Murray, futurists, social Darwinist and Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, believes the social divide among communities will literally tear nations apart. Murray argues, that if something is not done about the inequality if wealth between the richest and poorest citizens, the under-classes will be living n ghettos.

The cliché has been around for years. “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” Now people are actually starting to notice it. The divide is created by political and economical control and manipulation of the system, but the biggest problem is the system is creating a society in which the lower classes are generally immigrants and as the divide gets wider the problem will exacerbate into a cultural problem.

People have recognized corruption in the political arena for centuries, but still vote for leaders and the same corrupt people stay in power. The Occupy Movement fiasco was an awakening the financial system is also corrupt and needs reforming, but nobody is challenging the banks over the failing policies to correct the economic crisis.

In the UK, the policymakers have bought government gilds to the tune of £375bn without it having any effect on the economy. The only winners have been the richest ten per cent of the country who have seen their stocks rise by around 40%. The Federal Reserve in the US has so far committed $120bn. Expect the same results. Meanwhile low interest rates does not accrue much interest on the savings the rest of us have invested.

Oh to be upper class!

Over the past 50 years we have developed a new upper class. At the same time we have developed a new lower class and gradually the middle-classes are getting stripped away. To be upper class you must have an advanced education often obtained at elite schools and work as a corporate CEO, physician, attorney, financier, stock market trader, engineer, architect, scientist, college professor or content producer in the media.

The lower classes have no or little academic qualifications and work in blue-collar jobs, low-skill level service positions or receptionists. The middle-classes fill in the office positions, business owners, utilities, entertainment and other civil service jobs. Enter the economic collapse of 2008 and everybody´s standard of living falls – except the upper classes.

In the UK University costs have been hiked up to a maximum of £9,000 a year. The average cost of a University education in 2012 is £30,000. Add that to the 2.9% rise inflation, restrictions on student loans and a degree level education is expected t land graduates with £53,400 of debt. In 2011, the average student debt was £26,100. Even with a degree the middle-classes in the UK will have the living standards of today´s upper lower class.

Murray argues that “the only thing that can make a difference is the recognition among all classes that a problem of cultural inequality exists and that something has to be done about it.

Murray goes on to suggest that members of the “new upper class,” rethink their priorities.  They have the resources to make decisions that make a difference. All they have to do is decide whether to engage themselves with society and isolate themselves and watch it gradually fall apart around them.


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