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Did Nostradamus Predict ISIS? Nostradamus ISIS Prediction

When the US President, Barrack Obama addressed troops returning home from Iraq at Fort Bragg in 2011, his speech was filled with heroism, victory and success. Three years on, the war-torn state left in the hands of a Shi’ite (not a misspelling) government is being overrun by Islamic militant’s intent on culling the population Catholic Church style.

The words “We leave behind a solid state and stable, self-reliant Iraq” have well and truly come back to haunt Obama. His troops have since returned to the scene of their greatest military triumph since Vietnam – presumably to return Iraq to the solid, stable and self-reliant state they left it in. This time though they have only going airborne. It’s probably for the best Barrack!

The Islamist terrorists, “formerly known as ISIS” as the mainstream media like to keep reminding us (more on that later), clearly mean business – much more than Saddam Hussein’s puppets ever did when the US initially entered the false war on the whim of hunting for weapons of mass destruction. Bush and his henchmen later conceded WMD’s never existed. This was a rare event for a politician – telling the truth. That must have hurt!

Did Nostradamus predict ISIS?

This is perhaps the burning question followers of Nostradamus are asking themselves right now, and although the esteemed French seer does not directly refer to an Islamic group, there are several quatrains that mention the ancient land of Mesopotamia – modern day Iraq – together with his famous predictions that an anti-christ will appear in our midst.

But to understand the present, we need to learn a little about the past, and a gentle reminder of the recent past can be found in the following verse.

Quatrain 8 Verse 70

The great band and sect of crusaders
Will be arrayed in Mesopotamia:
Light company of the nearby river,
That such law will hold for an enemy.

The verse above takes us back into the realms of ancient esoteric knowledge and satanic rituals. If you don’t already know the history of the Freemasons watch this video. It’s important you know who is running the greatest show on Earth. And by the way, if you think this is cobblers, even the BBC in the UK report that: “The organisation says it has 30,000 Knights Templar members among its 250,000 Freemasons in England and Wales.”

And here’s a list. Oh dear, they are all judges. No wonder the UK judicial system is screwed! And this list doesn’t even mention the Lord, Dukes and Earls involved, or the members of the Royal family – the Queen is the Grand Master of the Order of the Garter and her cousin the Duke of Kent in the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governor of all Freemasonic lodges.

The “crusaders” mentioned by Nostradamus in the verse above refers to the Knights Templar. They were the original crusaders who officially protected Christians on their way to Jerusalem and are personified by a red cross on a white background, the same as the flag of England. The verse is sometimes translated as “the sect of cross bearers.”

George Bush poignantly called his War on Terror a “great crusade” when the chimp first laid siege in Iraq in 2003. His soldiers have since been labelled crusaders by the jihadist groups that oppose the US and the western allies, but Nostradamus’ citation is simply alluding to the same group of “crusaders” that are in power today as they were in the 12th Century.

The light company of the “nearby river,” of Mesopotamia seems to refer to ISIS powering along the banks of the River Tigris in the captured US armoured vehicles adorned with the black flags of jihad. This was during the height of their rampage when they were laying the “law of the enemy” by executing anybody who refused to convert to Islam – much like the Catholic Church did during their violent crusade throughout Europe and the Americas in the Middle-Ages.

The tyrannous villain

The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been labelled “the world’s most dangerous man” (Time Magazine) and “the new Bin Laden” (Le Monde). Ironic coming from two of the most esoterically in-your-face magazines run by the corrupt elite that put Baghdadi in Baghdadi in the first place.

Quatrain 8 Verse 70

He will enter villainous, unpleasant, infamous
Tyrannizing over Mesopotamia,
All friends made by the adulterous lady,
The land horrible, black of feature.

Baghdadi is certainly villainous, unpleasant and infamous. Torture, beheadings and victimisation of ethnic groups and opposing religious beliefs have all been ticked off his “to do” list. But is he a “friend made by the adulterous lady”?

The adulterous lady of course is the United States. When has she ever stayed faithful to her subjects? Even rebels in another land have taken precedence over the problems in their own country. And there’s nothing better than a war to deflect issues politicians would rather not address – something unimportant to them like, oh I don’t know – income equality. Oh well…

In 2005, Baghdadi was captured by US forces and detained in Camp Bucca on suspicions he was involved with Sunni insurgency against US presence in the Middle-East.

However, despite reports of him being a mid-ranking figure, he was held in a low risk area of the centre rather than compound 14 where other Sunni extremist were kept. He was considered “unremarkable” by his captives.

According to James Skylar Gerrond, a former commander at Camp Bucca, Baghdadi’s internment “contributed to his radicalization” and other inmates have suggested Camp Bucca was an “Al Qaeda school.” Let’s not forget Bin Laden was trained by the CIA.

Whose bed is Lady America sleeping in?

US airstrikes in Iraq

The French prophet’s reference to “The land horrible, black of feature,” in Quatrain 8 Verse 70 above may be reference to the devastation caused by US airstrikes.

Addressing White House officials, Obama threatened to “degrade and ultimately destroy” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his band of inquisitors. Over 150 US military airstrikes have been launched from the aircraft carrier US Enterprise and although ISIS are being slaughtered is there another twist in the tail?

Quatrain 6 Verse 33

His last hand through the bloody Alus,
Protection by sea cannot be guaranteed:
Between two rivers, dreading the military hand,
The black and angry one will make him repent.

The “black and angry one” in the verse above may be referring to Obama. His use of the word “degrade,” certainly indicates he is angry that ISIS is undoing all the good work US troops did to stabilise Iraq. Obama is just a puppet too.

So who is Alus? Some commentators have pegged al Baghdadi as Alus, but given the French seers penchant for coding his writing, there is a strong likelihood that Alus is an anagram of l’USA, the French term for America.

Given the details presented above with regards al-baghdadi’s capture in the American school for Al-Qaeda terrorists, “his last hand through the bloody Alus” confirms that al-Baghdadi was given his power – his last hand – by his enemy.

Why is America creating ISIS and wars in the Middle-East?

Actually America is not – the country and Capitol Hill is having their military hand manipulated by the powerful elite who run the world. The latest war in Iraq is just the next phase to achieving the New World Order.

So why ISIS?

Who is ISIS?

Most people reading the news about ISIS will understand it means the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. However, anybody familiar with ancient mythology and Egyptology will know that Isis was the fertility goddess of ancient Egypt – the equivalent of the Virgin Mary in Christianity.

Symbolism that is thousands of years old is still used by the world’s elite to manifest their desires. Remember the freemasons? Just visit your local church and you will find symbolism everywhere. You even find it in the streets. An obelisk represents the penis of Osiris, brother and husband of Isis. That the jihadist militants are called the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” is not just coincidence.

Isis is often invoked to assist in magical rituals and in ancient Egypt was considered to be “more powerful than a thousand soldiers.” As a fertility goddess and motherhood she represents creation and nurturing. Which is exactly what the elite have to do to usher in their New World Order.

Former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger – a instrumental member of the Bilderberg group and Zionist fraternity –  recently published his book “World Order” in which he documents a history of sectarian states from China to Europe. He also compares the religious wars in the Middle-Ages with the current struggle for power in the Middle-East.

Kissinger is right about one thing 0 under the guidance of our world leaders the world is still living in the Dark Ages – only now we’ve got nuclear missiles!

In an interview to promote the book, Kissinger commented:

“From a geo-strategic point of view, I consider Iran a bigger problem than ISIS. ISIS is a group of adventurers with a very aggressive ideology. But they have to conquer more and more territory before they can became a geo-strategic, permanent reality. I think a conflict with ISIS — important as it is — is more manageable than a confrontation with Iran.”

So ISIS is the nurturing of territory before the ultimate assault on Iran which will bring in Russia and China and take us into World War III. When the victors emerge on the other side there will be a call for a New World Order with One World Government, One World Currency, One World Religion and we’ll all live happily ever after – as slaves.

Obama knows the score – but does he care? Well, he didn’t do the US health plan justice. If you don’t believe the elite want to control the world and everybody in it, why did Obama say: “the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order” …?

This is the direction we are heading people. Wake up and smell the bomb smoke…

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