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Dogon Prophecies

The Dogon are a tribe of native Indians from Mali in West Africa and are believed to be of Egyptian descent. What is most astonishing about their culture is that they have a profound knowledge of astronomy that dates back thousands of years and has been passed down from generation to generation through oral traditions.

Between 1931 and 1956, two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and his student, Germaine Dieterlen conducted extensive research within the Dogon communities during which time they were told about the tribal myths by four village elders. What they were told astonished them.

The Dogon knew about the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter and the spiral structure in the Milk Way that reflected the circulation of blood in the human body. But they also had knowledge of the brightest star in the galaxy, Sirius and its companion star Sirius B. The Dogon priests told the anthropologists that Sirius B was a white dwarf planet with an extremely heavy mass and orbited Sirius every 50 years. The facts were true, and the Dogon had known this for thousands of years, even though Sirius B was not visible in the night sky by the human eye and was not discovered by telescope until 1862. Its density was not discovered by American astronomers until 1910.

How did the Dogon know this? The priests said the knowledge came from unearthly sources.

The knowledge of the Dogon was documented in a fascinating book, ´The Sirius Mystery´ by Robert K.G. Temple which was first published in 1977. In his book Temple asserts that the Dogon acquired their knowledge of Sirius from intelligent extraterrestrial beings and that their myths shared a profound likeness to Egyptian and Sumerian belief systems. However, the book came under scrutiny by rival astronomers, Ian Ridpath and Carl Sagan who claimed the Dogon accrued their knowledge of the star from Europeans in the 1920´s. They have no evidence to back up their speculative claims.

Furthermore, the Dogon priests also spoke of a third star they call, Emme Ya. They said this third star was larger and lighter than Sirius B, and was inhabited by an amphibious race of beings they call, Nommos, who came to earth in antiquity for the benefit of mankind. In 1995, Nasa astronomers, Daniel Benest and J. L. Duvent published a report in which they claim to have discovered a suspected third star orbiting Sirius. In Sumerian texts this third star is thought to be Niburu, and inhabited by the Annunaki which are also said to have visited Earth and are expected return. Could that visit be due in 2012?

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