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Doomsday Predictions: Asteroids

One of the greatest threats to the mass destruction of our planet in December 2012 comes from outer space in the shape of asteroids. Some scholars that dedicate their work to interpreting the quatrains of Nostradamus believe these cosmic rocks could mean the end of life on earth as we know it.

Century 2 Quatrain 92

Fire color of gold from the sky seen on earth:
Heir struck from on high, marvelous deed done:
Great human murder: the nephew of the great one taken,
Deaths spectacular the proud one escaped.

There are millions of asteroids hurtling through our solar system though most are in the area between Mars and Jupiter known as the asteroid belt, some 250 million miles from Earth. To date 874 asteroids have been identified as potentially dangerous to our planet. The Telegraph newspaper in the UK writes that NASA has reported a meterorite spanning a quarter of a mile will pass between the Earth and the Moon later this year (2011).

Passing just 201,000 miles from the planet, the asteroid will be the largest to approach earth so close and will be visible through a small telescope. If it impacts the rock, given the name YU55, will cause damage equivalent to 65,000 atom bombs and leave a crater 2000ft deep and six miles wide. Nobody knows what effect the asteroid will have on earth though some commentators might look to Nostradamus’ prediction of an earthquake following “a great fire” in the sky.

Century 2 Quatrain 46

Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvelous;
shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.

Meteorites hit Earth every day though most are too small to have any impact whatsoever. The ones that do cause damage at most leave a small crater. Scientists estimate there is usually one large collision every few hundred thousand years. The last major impact was in 1908 when a space-rock wasted 2000 square kilometres of Siberian forest.

Michael Paine, an engineer from Australia has developed a simulator to predict the amount of cosmic junk affecting the planet. According to reports the simulator suggests impacts from space will cause 13 million deaths – over the next 10,000 years. A major impact though could cause wars, famine and general chaos.

Century 2 Quatrain 42

The child will be born with two teeth in his mouth,
Stones will fall during the rain in Tuscany:
A few years after there will be neither wheat nor barley,
To satiate those who will faint from hunger.

So what of Asteroids in December 2012? Some commentators have speculated that an asteroid called Toutatis will be the end of us all. Named after the Celtic God that protected the people of Gaul, the asteroid was first spotted by French scientists in 1991 and came close to earth in 1992. It was in our orbit again in 2004. If it orbits the Sun every 12 years it shouldn’t be a threat until 2016.

Even then it is expected to pass about 4,140,000 miles from the earth, some 18 times the distance between the earth to the moon. Granted in astrological terms that could be considered “close,” though in reality not close enough to course us any harm; or concern for that matter.

But Toutatis is not the only asteroid astronomers have noticed heading our way. Given the name Apophis, a more dangerous asteroid will enter Earth’s orbit within less than 22,000 miles. In fact, Apophis is expected to pass between us and the moon and no one is certain what effect it will have on the planet. However, Apophis is not expected until April 2027.

Other commentators claim that the threat to Earth will be with a collision with Nibiru, otherwise known as Planet X. Ancient Sumerian legends say Nibiru is the birthplace of the Annunaki who came to Earth and established the first advanced civilisation of humans in Mesopotamia some 7500 years ago. The catastrophe was originally predicted to occur in May 2003. Nothing happened so the fable got linked with the Mayan calendar and the date pushed back to December 2012.

The sumerians texts show that Nibiru is the tenth planet of our solar system and collided with an ancient planet which resulted in the asteroid belt. The Annunaki has been researched by Zecharia Sitchin who has translated ancient Sumerian texts that speak of reptilian Gods who will one day return to earth. Is this what Nostradamus was referring to when he wrote:

Century 4 Quatrain 67

The year that Saturn and Mars are equal fiery,
The air very dry parched long meteor:
Through secret fires a great place blazing from burning heat,
Little rain, warm wind, wars, incursions.

We don’t know whether Saturn and Mars will be “equally fiery” in 2012, but all the talk of the return of the Annunaki and increased sighting of authentic extraterrestrial spacecraft has lead the UN to seriously consider appointing an Ambassador for Aliens.

Survival Solutions

If we are hit by either an asteroid or Nibiru, earthquakes and tidalwaves are likely. Move away from coastal regions and find a haven in high grounds, but not anywhere that might be subject to avalanches or mud slides.



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