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Doomsday Predictions: World War III Part Eight

Knights Templar´s and Secret Societies

The prophecies of Nostradamus envisaging the future of the planet are intertwined with his knowledge and understanding of the past. He makes reference to secret auguries, Babylon, Romans and the rebirth the ancient wisdom. A study of history reveal the patterns Nostradamus talks about, though from around the 12th century the truth about sects and kingdoms have been so heavily disguised it causes confusion.

In World War III: Babylonian Bloodlines, it was explained that the powerful families from the dawn of civilisation eventually emerged in Europe and ultimately found the so-called New World in the Americas. It was also established that the secret knowledge held by these families from the days of King Solomon was recovered by the Knights Templar during the crusades. To understand the set up of western leaders of the 21st century, we need to step back in time to the 14th century and understand who the Knights Templar were.

The Knights Templar was founded by Hughes de Paynes, a French knight from the Champagne region who was a descendant of the Merovingian Kings. He formed a small band of men who stemmed from the European nobility whose bloodline could be traced back to Babylonia.

The Templars were recognised as a powerful military movement, and though they claimed to be poor were bankers that amassed a fortune of great wealth. Though they secretly practiced esoteric wisdom, they officially answered to the Pope, and during the Medieval period were the architects of numerous churches throughout Europe which they dedicated to figures recognised by the Catholic faith. However, by the 14th century their notoriety and popularity was too widely known so it was made to look as though they had been disbanded.

On Friday 13th October 1307, history records that Philip IV of France rounded up the Knights Templar, tortured them and had them executed. In reality they dispersed throughout Europe and took their secret societies underground. In the 17th Century they emerged as the Rosicrucian’s in Germany and as the Freemasons in Scotland.  Today they are collectively known as the Illuminati – the illuminated ones – and officially as the Freemasons.

Century 1 Quatrain 45

A founder of sects, much trouble for the accuser:
A beast in the theater prepares the scene and plot.
The author ennobled by acts of older times;
the world is confused by schismatic sects

Today there are many Masonic lodges, but that´s not to say that all Freemasons are the illuminate. The majority are mere civil servants and to the upper echelons of Freemasons and thus society, are just as much cattle and pawns in the game as the rest of us. Only 33rd degree Freemasons and thus members of the illuminate control the world and have societies of their own which only allows a certain number of people who meet certain criteria. Some of these true secret societies are known to have as members some of the most powerful people in the world.

The Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in London is said to be the public face of Freemasonry. Even then, the Grandmaster is the Duke of Kent, cousin to Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen and Prince Charles are both 33rd degree masons as are most Prime Ministers of Britain and the Presidents of the USA.

For example it is known that members of the Bush family since the days of Preston Bush have been members of Skull and Bones; Prince Charles is a member of the Knights of Malta; Queen Elizabeth II of England heads the Order of the Garter.

Now you know a little more about the people who control the planet, making sense of Nostradamus´ Epistle to Henry II together with the quatrains that reference such matters will be more understandable. For example, in several of his quatrains, which scholars say allude to World War 3, Nostradamus speaks of the “crusader army” claiming land in Mesopotamia – presumably with the intention to reclaim the land from which they originated.

Century 9 Quatrain 43

On the point of landing the Crusader army

Will be ambushed by the Ishmaelites

Struck from all sides by the ship Impetuosity

Rapidly attacked by ten elite galleys

Century 2 Quatrain 61

The great band and sect of crusaders

Will be arrayed in Mesopotamia:

Light Company of the nearby river,

That such law will hold for an enemy

Most of you will be more familiar with the exploits of European Kings and the Holy Roman Empire from the 5th Century onwards. It is a well known fact that most Kings in Europe instigated wars because they wanted the power of other kings and the Roman Catholics created the Inquisition to kill anybody that voiced an opinion that did not concur with what they wanted people to believe.

History repeatedly tells us about the quenchless thirst for war and the murders that our leaders have committed against innocent citizens for centuries. What most voter´s don´t realise is that those same leaders continue to commit murder against innocent citizens.

“Thereafter the great dog, the biggest of curs, will go forth and destroy all, the same old crimes being perpetrated again. Temples will be set up again as in ancient times, and the priest will be restored to his original position and he will begin his whoring and luxury, and will commit a thousand crimes.”

Most of us don´t need a prophet to tell us “the same old crimes [will be] perpetrated again.” But what about the temples that Nostradamus says will be set up again as in ancient times?  Find out in Part 9.


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