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Doomsday Predictions: World War III Part Five

The Cause and the Antichrist

Nostradamus predicted the South of France would be subject to a nuclear invasion by Muslim forces that result in a huge number of fatalities. The 16th century French prophet even went as far to proclaim it would be from their own “discord and negligence” and suggested it might be due to them being seduced by the antichrist which is predicted in a number of ancient sources as promising salvation only to lead the world to the brink of annihilation.

In August 2011, France bank shares plummeted and left the country facing an economic crisis from which it could take years to recover. As the day of reckoning approaches in 2012, might we see the false prophet emerge in Western Europe with the promise of revival or, if not the antichrist himself, an offer of support which opens the doors to World War 3.

Century 10 Quatrain 1

To the enemy, the enemy faith promised
Will not be kept, the captives retained:
One near death captured, and the remainder in their shirts,
The remainder damned for being supported.

Some Nostradamus commentators predict the coming of the antichrist will appear whilst the world is in some form of disarray. A natural disaster has been mentioned, though as discussed in other 2012 Doomsday Predictions, established natural disasters do not issue global threats on a widespread scale. An economic collapse in Europe however would have a knock-on effect, and just as Hitler promised Germany he would help them recover from the economic meltdown that lead to the great depression of the 1930´s, we could see history repeating itself.

The Middle-East is an oil rich company and many powerful families have amassed substantial fortunes. Any number of them could use their wealth and influence to approach France with a veiled secret agenda. As established in the article, Antichrist Part 2, some scholars refer to quatrain 3:27 and suggest the antichrist is a “Libyan Prince will be powerful in the west.” The most likely candidate has been narrowed down to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi´s son, Saif Al-Islam who is fluent in French, English and German and has many influential friends in the British aristocracy – handy contacts to have when engineering a World War.

Century 8 Quatrain 17

Those at ease will suddenly be cast down,
the world put into trouble by three brothers;
their enemies will seize the marine city,
hunger, fire, blood, plague, all evils doubled.

Colonel Gaddafi has four sons, thus the three brothers mentioned in the above quatrain is conceivably an accurate approximation. As we established in Part 4, Nostradamus indicates in quatrain 1:18 that “because of French negligence… an opening shall be given to the Mohammedans…and the port of Marseilles [is] covered with ships and sails.” This assumption fits perfectly with “enemies will seize the marine city,” in the quatrain quoted above.

France and Libya have had close relation since the late 1960´s when France supplied arms and financial support to Gaddafi in exchange for a guaranteed oil supply. Following the civil unrest and the ousting of the Gaddafi regime, the colonel and his look to be facing defeat and will seek exile. Because of their strong ties with France, Paris would most likely be an attractive option for Saif Al-Islam. But is the Libyan Prince really the antichrist? Taking the next quatrain into context the answer to that question is no.

Century 8 Quatrain 77

The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

Supposing the two quatrains outlined above are related, here we find the antichrist “soon annihilates the three,” sparking of a World War that will last for “twenty-seven years,” suggesting the antichrist is not the Libyan Prince, but rather a Muslim enemy. As established in “The French Connection,” Part 4 of this World War III Doomsday series, France is bailed out by allied forces and Islamic troops are forced back to the Middle-East, and Nostradamus makes a similar reference here:

Century 1 Quatrain 34

The bird of prey flying to the left,
before battle is joined with the French, he makes preparations.
Some will regard him as good, others bad or uncertain.
The weaker party will regard him as a good omen.

The “bird of prey,” may well refer to the Eagle, thus America, though the Eagle is representative of many powerful European families including the world´s wealthiest family of Banker´s, the Rothschild´s who themselves are allegedly no strangers to engineering wars and financing both sides. In the third line of the quatrain though, Nostradamus states “some will regard him as good, others bad or uncertain,” which sums up Barrack Obama exactly.

There can´t be much dispute about which countries will be involved in any forthcoming war, but it seems unlikely an economic downturn in France – or even across Europe – will lead to such catastrophic events. It may be the result of France´s negligence, and it would assist the antichrist in his quest for global domination, though the onset of World War III is likely to be triggered off by something much more serious. See what Nostradamus predicts in Part 6.

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