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Edgar Cayce and the Akashic Records

Although Nostradamus is perhaps regarded as the greatest prophet in history, Edgar Cayce is recognized as the most prolific and accurate prophet of the 20th Century. Regardless of this fact he is less known and talked about than his more famous counterpart, perhaps because Cayce knew the secrets of mankind and how it was possible to tap into a hall of records known as the Akashic records – a library of information that explains the past, present and future of the Earth. Could it be that Nostradamus could access the same records to scribe his quatrains?

There have been many prophets like Nostradamus that throughout history claim to have had visions of the future. Many of these prophecies have come from high religious figures who were in tune with God, or the higher universal energy that we are connected with. Nostradamus used to induce his prophetic visions by using an ancient pagan method known as scrying. He would consume a mild hallucogen to enable him to enter the spirit realm then stare into a flame or bowl of water in which the vision would appear.

There are of course different methods of accessing the supernatural realms and many of the religious visions are told to have come during moments of enlightenment when, Jesus, God, the virgin Mary or an angel spoke to the visionary. Psychological studies indicate that the brain is capable of doing this by injecting and  unusual amount of Dimethyltryptamine into the brain through the pineal gland. -Dimethyltryptamine is better known as DMT, a banned substance in the west.

When Cayce was giving readings he would put himself into a deep, self-induced sleep and it is doing this claimed to be able to transcend into a higher dimension where it is possible to access the akashic records. As the sleeping prophet himself describes his experience, he would be met by an old man who looked after the Hall of Records and would be directed to the file of whoever Cayce was doing a reading for in the material world. He was then given a book which opened to the relevant pages specific to the time the reading was been given.

This may sound too close connected with fortune telling rather than prophecies like Cayce and Nostradamus are known as, but Cayce said that you don´t always get what you want, but must work with the divine co-creators to get what you need at this point in your existence. Because humans have the right to free will, we have the power to alter what we originally agreed.

Among the 14,000 psychic readings held in the Edgar Cayce institute in Virginia, it is recorded that the humble prophet told one woman that “the soul became aware of the relevant information impressed on the Akashic Records whenever that individual applied whatever knowledge she or he possessed.” In other words, anyone who can transcend into the higher realms can access their own records in dream, reverie and hypnosis whether self induced or with the help of a professional.

How Do We Access the Akashic Records?

The human soul is effectively a computer terminal that is plugged into the Akashic Records, therefore we are interacting with them all the who time whether we are conscious of this or not; or whether we even want to or not. During his lifetime Cayce actively encouraged people to use the tool of prayer or meditation to tune into the higher vibrations where the records are stored and try to develop the perceived energy that would allow them to interpret the message written in the book the old man gave them.

One of the reasons Cayce invited his patients to try and tap into the higher realms was so that they could discover the truth for themselves rather than hear it second hand from a psychic. When you receive information from the hall of records people tend to wait to see if the information proves to be true or not, but they might apply the message to any part of their life in which they believe the information fit, even though sometimes this is a year or more down the line.

It is often the case in these situations that the time period for the actual reading has passed and after missing the message at the right time, the receiver of the psychic message applies it to another period of their life that seems to fit. Although this is by no means a bad thing the lessons they should have learned at an earlier stage in their life has been lost because of an inability to interpret what they were being told when they first received it.

With prophets the process may be the same, but they can tap into a vision they receive from the akashic records at any point in time, yet they may not necessarily know which time period the event will occur, because the event that is supposed to happen can change and revert to a different period of history. This is why there are so many theories that the prophecies of Nostradamus are often determined after the event has happened because the theory fits the clues.

Likewise, many interpreters of Nostradamus today are assuming that many of the French seers prophecies relate to the modern world – especially concerning 2012 and the string of world disasters – because they recognizes that world events allude to the traumas that Nostradamus is predicting.

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