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Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet

In most respects, Edgar Cayce was an average man; a loving husband, a father of two children, a skilled photographer, a devoted Sunday school teacher, and an eager gardener. Yet he is also acknowledged as one of the most remarkable psychic talents the world has ever known. Despite not having any formal medical education, his psychological work helping people to diet, improve relationships, quit addictions and cope with life-threatening illnesses among other things has been compared to the likes of Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner and earned him the label as “the father of holistic medicine.”

For forty-three years of his adult life, on a daily basis, Edgar Cayce would lay on his couch with his hands folded over his stomach whereby he would fall into a deep self-induced sleep state which enabled him to enter into a realm that enveloped all space and time. Asked a question he would answer in his normal voice as though having an ordinary conversation. On occasion he would answer before his patient had even asked the question. All they had to do was think it.

The authentication of his work is available for public access and the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia which was found by Cayce in 1931. Stored in their records department and available for public nutrition are almost 15,000 documented psychic readings conducted by Cayce verified by his patients. And whilst his patients mostly attended session with Cayce to discuss health issues the psychic often revealed other predictions about the future, some of which have already come true.

The Stock Market Crash and Great Depression  

During the mid-1920´s, Cayce predicted the Stock Market would collapse and lead to a worldwide depression. He even went as far as to advise many of his patients which growth industries would give them the best profit after the crash. Some of his patient’s didn´t heed his warnings and lost a fortune.

World War II

In 1935, Cayce outlined changes that would result in changes to maps of the world and spoke of a universal war which he describes as “the whole world on fire.” In another reading he commented:

“This will make for the taking of sides, as it were, by various groups or countries or governments. This will be indicated by the Austrians, Germans, and later the Japanese joining in their influence; unseen, and gradually growing to those affairs where there must become, as it were, almost a direct opposition to that which has been the THEME of the Nazis (the Aryan). For these will gradually make for a growing of animosities.”

Whilst giving a reading to a retired naval commander, Cayce was asked whether he would be recalled to active service. Cayce replied, “The only likelihood will be in 41,” – the year America entered the war.

The deaths of Presidents FDR and JFK  

In 1939, Cayce predicted the deaths of two presidents in office and the Civil Rights Movement in America:

“You are to have a division in your own land, before you have the second of the Presidents that next will not live through his office … a mob rule!”

President Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office whilst helping guide the allied forces to war against Hitler in World War II and John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in November 1963. Sandwiched between the two deaths, in 1955, the civil rights movement swept across America which saw a divide among the nation as black people fought against racial discrimination and demanded equal rights.

The Pyramids in Egypt are Older than Historians Believe

Sixty years before evidence was presented by researchers Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert and Graham Hancock, Edgar Cayce suggested that the Pyramids on the Giza plateau in Egypt were built in 10,500 BCE – and not 2,500 BCE as claimed by mainstream archaeologists.

The theory that the pyramids aligned with the stars in Orion´s belt as it would have been viewed in 10,500 BCE was supported by the evidence of renowned geologist showed that the Great Sphinx had been subjected to water erosion to a level that suggested a heavy rainfall and flooding, yet that area of the Sahara Desert has been arid for over 5000 years, illustrating mainstream historian are wrong in their dating of the monuments.

Cayce went on to say that the development of the Egyptians and Mayans were influenced by an ancient civilisation more of which you can read about in his future predictions and his prophecies of the re-emergence of the lost lands of Atlantis.

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