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Egyptian Prophecy: Global Catastrophe

Together with the quatrains of Nostradamus and the Mayan Long Count ending on December 21st (or 22nd) December, there is mass speculation that the world as we know it is headed towards worldwide destruction. Just as the Egyptians predicted would happen in their own time.

Just as with the Mayan and other ancient civilisations, the Egyptians were master astronomers and astrologers with the ability to predict events on earth by reading the position of the stars, planets and the sun in the sky. Subsequently they made reference in both the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Kolbrin Bible to a global catastrophe that would invoke major disruption and changes to the planet.

The Egyptians predicted the event would take place in the year 9792 BCE, though didn´t speculate what the damage would be other than to state: “The sun moved from his wonted course, twice rising where it now sets and twice setting where it now rises,” and that “The Old Lion turned around.”  This account seems to imply the phenomenon predicted by geologists and other scholars of the pole shift.

As has already speculated the precession of the equinoxes may cause the world to flip on its axis, an event that would create tidal wave, tsunamis, floods, landslides and other devastating natural disasters. Such catastrophic event would wipe out the mass majority of the planet. Just as some independent researchers predicted happened around 9792 BCE.

Several scholars including Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock have proposed theories that the planet was consumed by floods. We have all heard the myths of Atlantis, but there is mounting evidence to suggest that advanced civilisations like Atlantis and Lumeria really did exist, but are now lost at the bottom of the Ocean. Lost at least, until the last twenty or so years. Recent discoveries have been found off the coast of Japan, India, and the infamous Bimini Road off the coast of Florida in the United States seems to point towards developed cities.

Furthermore, evidence of a major flood can still be found on land, most notably the Sphinx on the Giza plateau in Egypt. The research of Dr. Robert Schoch, a reputable and trusted geologist, identified watermarks round the base of the Sphinx had been caused by water erosion – yet the Sahara desert has been arid for around 5000 years. Given Egyptologists tell us the Sphinx was built around 2500 BCE, the evidence does not concur.

Schoch´s discovery however, does concur with the theory presented by Bauval and Hancock in several book such as the Orion Key and The Keeper of Genesis among others. What the researchers propose is that advanced civilisations date back much further in time than historians would have us believe. That being the case, there likelihood exists that technologically developed lands like Atlantic and Lumeria did exist. So if they did, what happened to them? The discovery of the underwater worlds may provide the answer.

If the Egyptians predicted and made historical accounts of a world catastrophe, perhaps the Maya reached the same conclusion and dated it with their Long Count Calendar. Should that be the case, mankind needs to prepare for the worst.

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