12.17.14 - Nostradamus Predicts The Anti-Christ Comes From The Middle-East
12.04.14 - Nostradamus Issues A Stark Warning About The Impending Economic Collapse
12.03.14 - Is ISIS The Beginning of World War Three
11.11.14 - Did Nostradamus Predict Ebola? Nostradamus Ebola Prediction

End Times

2012 was the year on everybody´s lips. December 21st of the same year has been ringed as the day of judgement. If you want to believe the doomsayers at least. Otherwise we´re heading towards a new age of spiritual enlightenment.

So much has been written about 21 December 2012 that it´s got everybody confused. But then again, perhaps the point is to feed us with so much information and misinformation that we are distracted from learning the real truth – whatever that may be.

Some people offer hope, others are into scaremongering – namely the scholars of Nostradamus among others – but in all honesty nobody really knows what will happen in 2012. Nobody here at knows what´s going to happen and we´re not going to pretend we do either.

What we will do is present you with the theories, back up facts with evidence and where possible offer a conclusion – which is really only an educated guess. It is not our intention to tell you what to believe or what to do, but what we will do is present you with detailed information so you can make up your own mind. But before you decide, make sure you read all the articles below and tell your friends to so the same. Nostradamus says so , not us.

End Times Predictions

Doomsday Asteroid

Earths Magnetic Shield

Volcanic Eruption

Polar Shifts

Precession of the Equinoxes





World War 3

World War III: Part One – The USA and Middle-East

World War III: Part Two – New World Order

World War III: Part Three – War in Western Europe

World War III: Part Four – The French Connection

World War III: Part Five – The Cause and the Antichrist

World War III: Part Six – The Rivers of Babylon and more Papal Bull

World War III: Part Seven – Babylonian Bloodlines

World War III: Part Eight – The Knight´s Templar & Secret Societies

World War III: Part Nine – The Rise of the Catholic Church

World War III: Part Ten – New Age Religion

World War III: Part Eleven – India Becomes the Next Superpower

World War III: Part Twelve – The War With China

2012 End Times Predictions – 2012 The Start Of The New Era

Mayan Calendar

Nostradamus: Beyond 2012

2012 Prophecy

December 21, 2012

Mayans Call for an End to 2012 Prophecy Farce

What People Think about 2012

End Of The World

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