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Great Fire of London Conspiracy. Did Nostradamus Predict The Great Fire of London?

For scholars there can be little doubt that the French prophet, Nostradamus predicted the Great fire of London in 1666. is not in disagreement with them, though we suspect the French seer was trying to tell us more than scholars are willing to interpret.

History records that the fire ravished London and started in the Pudding Lane bakery belonging to Thomas Farriner (or Farynor). What mainstream historians don´t tell you is that Thomas Farriner was the Royal bakers to King Charles II. With this in mind, and armed with the knowledge that the poor judgement of the Lord Mayor of London, Sir Thomas Bloodworth contributed to the widespread destruction of the fire, conspiracy theorists can be forgiven for thinking that the fire was started by accident. And Nostradamus´ quatrain on the subject supports the theory.

Century 2 Quatrain 51

The blood of the just will be demanded of London
Burnt by fire in the year ’66
The ancient Lady will fall from her high place
And many of the same sect will be killed.

The official story of the Great Fire of London is that the fire started when a neglected oven fire in a baker´s shop in Pudding Lane caught hold of a wood stack. The fire could have been confined to a small area and easily controlled by the fire brigade had the Mayor of London, Sir Thomas Bloodworth given the order pull down buildings that would have starved the flames of fuel. This method was the most common practice at the time, but Bloodworth refused to give the order, commenting instead, “a woman might piss it out.” The fire raged for another three days and consumed 13,200 houses and 87 parish churches including St. Paul´s Cathedral, or in other words, 75 per cent of the city.

Before becoming mayor of London, Bloodworth was a wealthy merchant and a member of the mercantile guild of the Company of Vintners which received a royal charter in the 14th century. Though it had a monopoly on wine imports and was the most powerful company in the wine trade, Vintners did not have a licence giving them the right to sell wine. So here we can already establish the corruption of the mayor and the royal family.

So why did Bloodworth not give the order for the fire brigade to follow common practice and tear down buildings to prevent the fire from spreading? The answer can only be insurance, to raise taxes for the rebuilding process and to blame the fire on the Catholics – which is exactly what happened.

The Nostradamus Prophecy

The man accused for starting the fire was a simple-minded French man named, Robert Hubert who is said to have confessed to the crime and was working as an agent of the Pope. The only evidence against him was his confession and he was subsequently hanged. However, the evidence does not add up.

He initially said that he started the fire in Westminster, but the fire didn´t reach that far. He later changed his story to Pudding Lane and during his trial retracted his entire confession, presumably because by that time it dawned on him what was really happening. After his death, it was established that he did not arrive in London until two days after the fire started thus could not be the culprit. The matter was never investigated.

So the people of protestant London were lead to believe their city had been burned down by the Catholics and the notion was set in stone by being carved into the monument at Bank, with the inscription: “The burning of this Protestant City was begun and carried on by the treachery and malice of the Popish faction…”

So let´s take another look at the quatrain.

Century 2 Quatrain 51

The blood of the just will be demanded of London
Burnt by fire in the year ’66
The ancient Lady will fall from her high place
And many of the same sect will be killed.

In the opening line, “The blood of the just will be demanded of London” refers to the protestants seeking revenge on the Catholics. Though there was some retribution among rival faiths, only one Catholic death is recorded. In the third line, “the ancient lady will fall from her high place,” again refers to Catholism, “the ancient lady,” as does “many of the same sect will die.”

And it is here in the last two lines that Nostradamus supports the claims made by conspiracy theories that the Great Fire of London was not an accident, but was an act of terrorism by the aristocratic rulers to determine the way people think.

In 17th Century England small Catholic communities lived peacefully. The Protestant religion was not in any obvious danger from them and there was very little trouble between the two sects. In Europe however, the Spanish Inquisition had been wreaking havoc for centuries and European rulers were gearing up for another war that England would inevitably be involved with. Sure enough, the following year in 1667, England joined France in a war against the Hapsburg run Spanish Netherlands.

Under the rule of Louis XIV, France was the new Catholic superpower in Europe, and King Charles II of England was pro-France. What the English aristocracy feared was that France might use its military power to impose Catholicism on England which would give them the upperhand for political absolutism, thereby the wealthy landowners, like Sir Thomas Bloodworth and his chums would lose their land.

The idea of the anti-Catholic belief was reinforced some years after the Great Fire of London with the introduction of the Popish Plot. It was rumoured that the Catholics were plotting to kill King Charles II and re-establish Catholicism in England. Interestingly enough, though Charles claimed to be protestant during his lifetime, upon his deathbed he converted to Catholicism.

So what we find in the events surrounding the Great Fire of London, and the prediction made by Nostradamus, is an attack by the rulers on their own people and subsequently blamed on somebody else so that public opinion would be persuaded to go to war. Does that sound familiar?

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