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Hans Magnus Enzensberger Predicts Socialist Media Restrictions

Born in Bavaria, the writer and essayist, Hans Magnus Enzenberger was heavily influenced by the socialist political views of the Third Reich. Little wonder then that his ideas of the future warn about a capitalist system controlled by the bourgeoisie and influential class who are ´orientated towards action, not contemplation, toward the present, not tradition.´

In his essay, “Constituents for a Theory of the Media” Enzenberger outlines a Marxist theory that determines human society consists of two essential parts: the base and the superstructure. The base consists of labourers that are the forces of production and the superstructure includes institutions, culture, political structures and media.

In this structure one cannot work without the other, but the root of the structure, the base, should have dominance over the superstructure as an idea cannot materialize without production workers. Political constitutions such as in the United States and the UK were built on the same Marxists principles of government in that parliament and congress are organized to answer to the people (the base).

Mind control through the media

In his book the Consciousness Industry, Enzenberger explains how the ruling elite uses the power of influential thought to dominate the general public. The main tool they use for this is through the media that are owned by a handful of families. Media reports have a tendency to only tell half the story rather than outline the full facts in order to sway public opinion. Knowledge therefore becomes a social product rather than reporting of actual events.

The weapon is particularly effective for political agendas; schemes that have become more extreme and fraudulent since the turn of the 21st century. The overwhelming evidence to support the supposed terrorist attacks of 9/11 and 7/7 were carried out by secret services of the US and UK to justify the illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Independent documentary makers consistently show corruption in the institutes of finance, agriculture, government, energy and technology – all of which lead back to the same families of ruling the elite.

Echoes of Stalin and Hitler

The socialist governments of Russia and Germany under the guidance of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler only succeeded because of the suppression of independent voices in the media. Today´s China has a sanction on the internet which blocks anybody in the country reading material that is not deemed to be in the best interests of Chinese residents. Enzensberger called this method of control the “monolithic consciousness industry.”

In essence what Ensenberger forecast is that media in the 21st century would become a one-way system whereby two-way communication would become obsolete. Even though mainstream newspapers are under the thumb they still allow editorial commentary that pacifies the more intellectual readers.

With the media moving into the technological age, more independent reporters are finding a platform to publish the real news. It is taking time for readers to pick up and by the time the general public are aware of the mainstream media trap, the ruling elite will have sanctioned global restriction on the internet and imprisoned anybody that dare print the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when reporting the criminal actions of the ruling families.

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