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How Prophets Induce Their Visions

Nostradamus is perhaps the most famous prophet of all time, outside the Bible at least, but even then biblical prophets such as Jesus and Moses are better known as miracle workers than prophets. One thing each of these prophets have in common is their ability to predict events they say will happen in the future. Sometimes to individuals, other times on a global scale. But how do prophets foresee the future?

A prophet is someone with a psychic or spiritual gifts. Some people consider them to be the mouthpiece of God. The truth is that each and every one of us has a psychic ability. The best example is when you are thinking of someone just before they call. In essence you are merely picking up on their electromagnetic vibrations. But the ability is stronger in some people than others, and like Nostradamus, they choose to develop their gift. And there are certain techniques that empower them to do so – the most common being scrying.

The origins of scrying date back to ancient times and has been practiced round the world by many cultures from the Egyptians to the Aztecs. It was also favoured by Hindu´s, the ancient Greeks and Europe. This is the technique Nostradamus used. First he would consume a mild hallucogen such as nutmeg then stare into a flame or something with a reflective surface. The French seer preferred a bowl of water dowsed with pungent oils, but other prophets use mirrors, crystal balls or a pool of water. Modern day Shamans still use hallucogenic plant compounds like ayahuasca.

Contrary to popular belief, calling visions is not a practice to summon ghosts, worship the devil or place curses, but is a psychological process whereby an individual attempts to create a direct connection with the subconscious by suppressing the conscious ego. In mystic terms, the unconscious is a direct link to what is considered divine inspiration – or rather psychological interpretation.

Carl Jung attests that man´s unconscious has its roots in another realm, and that the consciousness operates in and out of waking existence. When in a trance therefore the seer does not restrict the unconscious to the confines of the mind, but is able to visually project the unconscious into the flame, reflection or crystal ball.

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