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The Hysteria Caused by Prophecy Sayers

The Rise of Lord RayEl

The prophecies of 16th Century French seer, Nostradamus has captured the imaginations of people for centuries. So too have many ancient prophecies. But what is that causes mankind to be inspired by century old prophecies that touch on the aspects of human experience?

It seems that whenever major events occur in the world, inquisitive researchers head for the internet to see if past prophets predicted the event. Is this an ingrained idea that the world is about to end and people want to know if they should prepare themselves?

end timesBelief is indoctrinated. It is a form of control. Religious institutes and governments have always used indoctrination to control populations in order to stay in power. Even when the veil becomes so thin people can see through it, civil wars only serve as a mechanism to hand over the power to other equally corrupt rulers.

Modern prophets

Brainwashing works because dumb people look to others for answers rather than thinking realistically and trying to find the answer for themselves. They are prime meat for unruly money-grabbers – just like mental cases claiming to be prophets.

The latest so-called “prophet” to surface through the cracks of the internet (by cracks I mean his followers) is Lord RayEl – the self-professed “Returned Christ…The Messiah, Yeshua to the Jews, Isa to the Muslims, and Jesus to the Christians.”

Who is this mysterious returned Christ. Is he really here to save mankind from sin – and perhaps the big bad wolves in suits.

RayEl was born Raymond Elwood in 1968 and declared himself the returned Messiah in 2011 following a UFO sighting in Israel. He used to call himself Rael – Ra, ancient Egyptian for the Sun and EL meaning God.

However, he had to change the spelling to RayEl when, in his almighty wisdom, he discover another cult leader by that name – the infamous Rael of the Raelians. The discovery presumably came when Raymond couldn’t open a Facebook account because the other Rael had beaten him to it.

But Lord RayEl was not to be deterred and forged ahead with his ingenious plan to call himself the Messiah – despite being born human by a non-virgin mother and delivered to Earth by a spaceship. Doesn’t sound like much of a spiritual return for a man claiming to be the second coming, but then his actions here on earth are not very spiritual either – his Facebook page asking followers to make monetary donations.

That’s a money-making scam if ever I heard one!

Still, for many Lord RayEl is a great prophet? And there is proof! In February 2014, he tweeted that he had predicted Adam M would bring the world to the attention of RayEl. He has not produced evidence that he predicted this beforehand, but does say that Adam M is prophesised in the Torah.

Low and behold, Adam M is actually prophesised in the Torah – as decoded by a RayEl disciple (not RayEl) as thus: 18 February 2014,”Rayel,” “Him lear from razor they are 1981/82,” “know, knowledge, cognition” and “Serving Adam M.”

This is clearly complete gibberish.

The Adam M in question is Adam Muema – another follower of RayEl who is clearly being brainwashed and could have just thrown away a promising NFL career. Muema, a San Diego State running back was a show for the Scouting Combine. The explanation for his mysterious disappearance was because he’d had a message from God saying he would be drafted by the Seahawks.

Adma M tweet

Muemba has also tweeted that he is a firm believer that Lord RayEl is the second coming of Christ and has described him as a “great force.” However, Muemba also claimed on Twitter that he predicts tornadoes in California and that his dad has dreamed of a tsunami. What are the chances of these rare events happening? Surely it can only be a prophecy by a man touched by the hand of God. Or a brainwashed idiot gotten to by Lord RayEl and his cult of equally disillusioned followers.

Rivers run red

Other prophecies of RayEl echo bible and Nostradamus. Not exactly his prophecies then, but they are used to legislate that he is in fact the true second coming. You can see some of the crap he comes out with in this video clip.


His favourite prophecy seems to be rivers turning red. Indeed there have been several incidents of this since his arrival on Earth – obvious proof he is the Messiah. The bible in Revelation 16:4 says “the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood.”

So where are these rivers of blood. The most recent incident happened in the Zhejiang province of China near Beijing in July. Residents say the river turned red in a matter of minutes and a strange smell wafted through the air.

Fortunately, there are no reports of a mass slaughter so it is unlikely the discolouring was caused by blood. Inspectors suspect the change in colour was a result of illegal dumping in the river. No shit! There is previous of this.

In 2012, Beirut River turned red when a factory dumped red dye into it. The same thing happened in the Yangze River in China although officials do not want to admit it so have said it “may” have been caused by floods stirring up silt.

Other bodies of water used by RayEl in his video are natural phenomenon. The Camargue Lake in France contains a high concentration of salt that occasionally stains the water red.

Century 8, Quatrain 77

The Antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
Twenty-seven years the blood of his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
With blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

Nostradamus also prophecies red waters. The above quatrain refers to water being stained red with the blood of massacred humans and the rain will hail red and cover the earth. The red waters RayEl points towards as “proof” he is the legendary Messiah do not bear evidence of any bloody massacres. If it is raining blood in your region please let us know.

False prophets

The Bible reminds us to beware of “false prophets which come in sheep’s clothing.” RayEl doesn’t mention any of this. The Bible also states there will be many false prophets. It would appear RayEl has fulfilled that much at least, although he has not been photographed wearing wool yet so we don’t have any hard proof he is false.

Interestingly, Nostradamus calls the false prophet the “antichrist,” whom he predicts will lead the war into 27 years of war. The French seer suggests here then that the false prophet will be a man of power and war-hungry tendencies. If RayEl ever runs for President we should probably start getting worried. Until then I think we are safe.

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