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Is ISIS The Beginning of World War Three

ISIS Sends A Message

Form studying the Centuries of Nostradamus, it is quite clear to determine the French seer predicts world wars. There are events happening in the current age that indicate we are on the verge of a nuclear war and potential Armageddon.

Some commentators think the Islamic State extremist group formerly known as ISIS, could be the catalyst of all-out global warfare. And it appears they could be a brink in the grand scheme of things to come.

Century 10 Quatrain 89

From brick to marble, the walls will be converted,
Seven and fifty peaceful years:
Joy to mankind, the aqueduct renewed,
Health, abundant fruits, joy and honey-making times.

The quatrain above could be the lapse of 57 years from the end of World War II to the start of the World War III. The US-led war against Iraq officially began in 2003, around the same timeline Nostradamus predicted.

But just as Obama pulls out US troops from the Middle East, ISIS spring up and the allied military are back in Iraq. The globalists want control of this area as it is rich in oil.

ISIS may not pose a threat to established nations, but in a short space of time, they have acquired land the size of Belgium. Although they appear far from strategic, their ability to orchestrate operations and control situations is quite alarm. According to US experts, ISIS earned $45 million from ransom payments in 2013 alone.

US attack

US airstrikes on ISIS strongholds have failed to weaken the group. Recent reports now say the fundamentalists are transferring phosphate to their Syrian headquarters Raqqa – and experts say they can use this to make nuclear weapons.

If ISIS do succeed in making nuclear weapons, how effective will they be in using them? For example, could they attack Europe?

Century 2 Quatrain 38

One year before the Italian conflict,
Germans, Gauls, Spaniards for the fort:
The republican schoolhouse will fall,
There, except for a few, they will be choked dead.

The quatrain above alludes to Germans, Spanish and French holding the fort, all of which are members of the UN and have members stationed in Iraq. The Republican schoolhouse is the White House in the US and when their plan to defeat ISIS fails, Al Baghdadi will launch an attack on Europe through Italy.

However, it may not be a military plan where the US fails. It is impossible to image that ISIS can overpower the member forces of NATO, not to mention Iran who have become surprise allies in the fight against ISIS.

Nevertheless, Nostradamus predicts the empire will fail at some point – and that is most likely to be an economic failure which will cause civil wars and give terrorist groups like ISIS the opportunity to recruit forces to fight against those in power.

Century 8 Quatrain 70

He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous,
Tyrannizing over Mesopotamia [Iraq]
All friends made by the adulterous lady,
The land dreadful and black of aspect.

The “He” in the quatrain above is Al-Baghdadi and the “adulterous lady” is arguably the United States, a country that has betrayed its own people on endless occasion and will continue to cheat on her citizens under the current powers who think nothing of heating you by use of corruption.

But there is a warning for other countries their too. If you are allies of the United States you have also been corrupted and will be cheated by your government. I think this is pretty obvious to most readers by now, but it is how you respond that matters.

The common man cannot fight the government with weapons and expect to win. Terrorist groups are organised to make people think this, but as we have seen in recent times, terrorist activities only give the government the right to take away powers of the common man.

The only way to bring down the powers is to refuse to buy into the lies and laws that take away your rights. Do not break the law, but challenge why a law inhibits you from doing what you want. Expose unjust laws and educate people to do the same.

Nostradamus predicts war

If the predictions of Nostradamus and other doomsayers are to come true it will be the responsibility of the common man. Leaders play war. If you follow them, you will play war too. This is how the innocent get killed.

In the last two months 13 Iraqi civilians including women and children have been killed by US airstrikes. The deceased were not a part of ISIS and maybe were not even interested in politics at all. By they died because man made explosives and leaders of men ordered the bombs to be used.

What gives leaders the power to do this? You do – the modern man that votes for people in power and listen to their lies. If we allow the leaders of this world to continue make decision we don’t want, expect to hear about many more deaths. You may even experience death yourself.

Century 2 Quatrain 91

At sunrise one will see a great fire,

Noise and light extending towards Aquilon:

Within the circle death and one will hear cries,

Through steel, fire, famine, death awaiting them.
Although there are many things happening in the world right now that is weakening relations between countries, ISIS does not appear to be a catalyst, but that is not to say we cannot learn a lesson from their existence.

Fundamentalists are power-hungry madmen and think war brings peace. Where have you heard that line used before. This is a line that has been used for centuries and man still continues to fight for power.

Despite the early success, ISIS will not overcome the military power of NATO – simply because small groups of missionaries cannot change the way the world is run through the use of force or weapons. The globalists have far more arsenal than common men.

The way to prevent world war 3 and bring peace on earth is with force, but by waking up to what is really happening in your country and educating your fellow men to stand up for human rights. We are the many, yet are controlled by the few. Why? Because the few trap us in cages governed by their laws. And their laws violate our rights to live life as we would like.

Century 9 Quatrain 92

The King will want to enter the new city.
By enemies who will come to subdue it,
A captive will be liberated to speak and act.
The King to be outside, he will stay far from the enemy.

The King is obviously the government who tries to suppress the people and “subdue” the city. The “captive” is the rest of us. If you wake up to the truth and break yourself free from the mental shackles you have been led into by education and social stigmas you will be “liberated to speak and act.”

Once more people become educated, the many can regain the power from the few and, because the majority of the many are good people, we can find peace and rid ourselves of the meaningless and corruption created by lawmakers in government.

ISIS may not be the force that brings about World War 3, but they are a group that do deliver a powerful message of what not to do. If you want to avoid World War 3 wake up and do something about it!

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