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Jeane Dixon and the Antichrist

Nostradamus was not the only prophet to predict the coming of an antichrist. Jeane Dixon too! Though as we have seen in Who Was Jean Dixon, her association with FBI director most likely influencing her political prophesies, could it be that she was a false prophet herself used as a mis-informant of the elitist propaganda machine.

Dixon wrote that she foresaw a young man rising out of the Middle East that would revolutionize the world and bring man into an “all embracing faith.” She wrote this man will be the foundation of a new Christianity, and that every sect and creed would be united through this man. She gave his birth date as 5 February 1962, the day of a solar eclipse. The prophesy shares some resemblance to another of Nostradamus´ predictions:

Century 3 Quatrain 34

When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,
The monster (divine omen) will be seen in plain daylight:
Quite otherwise will one interpret it,
High price unguarded: none will have provided for it.

Another similarity shared by the two prophets is they both consider the antichrist as a false prophet who comes to us with promises of improving the world, but instead leading us into an era of great uncertainty. Dixon suggests his focus will be one of religion and philosophy.

“The False Prophet´s domain shall be the intellectual seduction of mankind. It means a mixture of political, philosophical, and religious ideology that will throw the populations of the world into a deep crisis of faith in God… One of his first duties and responsibilities in readying the world for the advent of his master is to manipulate the available propaganda machines. With teaching and propaganda the prophet will cause people not merely to accept the Antichrist but rather to desire him with positive enthusiasm to create the conditions of his coming and to participate in organizing the frightful and terrifying despotism of his World Empire.”

Although she supposed this antichrist to come from the Middle East, what she meant was that he came from a lineage of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Dixon saw this ancient prototype presenting the modern world with false hope as predicted in the Bible. Not only this, but she also sees him with such infinite and Satanic wisdom.

“Satan is now coming into the open to seduce the world and we should be prepared for the inevitable events that are to follow. I have seen that the United States is to play a major role in this development… I have seen a government within a government develop in the US within the last few years… I see this government within a government being controlled and financed by a well-oiled political machine of one of our leading political families.”

Jeane Dixon´s prophecy, or rather information, fits perfectly with the plan for a New World order, a plot that has been engineered through millennia by the most powerful families in the world, most of who form a collective in the United States. In the end Dixon sees this man leading his sheep down a faulty path into darkness and destruction.

“They will — through political intimidation, propaganda, and illegal sixth-column activities — make every effort to show the nation that only their man, the one who heads their machine, has the sole right to occupy the White House. Their campaign is going to cause great harm to our nation both here and abroad. I see this group succeed in taking over de facto control of the country. They will give rise to an upheaval in our social structure as never before seen. They will bring about increased social unrest and great discontent. Foreign subversive elements will — as they did in the 1960s — infiltrate the unruly factions and cause renewed fighting on the nation´s campuses and in racial ghettos…All of the evil in the masses will be swept toward an unknown frenzy by this machine.”

History shows us that similar events have happened in the past. Not like the previous antichrists, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler, but the Roman Empire. In ancient times people used to worship the Earth, the sun and the stars. In Europe they were known as pagans. After the teaching of Jesus Christ, a new religion was born, but because it was a new concept people did not take to it too easily. However, it would become the most dominant power of control in the modern day.

In 313AD, Emperor Constantine signed the Edict of Milan which prevented the persecution of Christians and ordered that Christianity be tolerated as an accepted religion. He also gave the Pope property in Rome so that they could lay the foundation of Christianity. Gradually, the Catholic Church faded out paganism by confiscating their churches and converting them to Christian churches. Look inside ancient Christian churches today and you will find old pagan images. In order to help people through the transition the Catholic Church adopted many pagan dates, practices and symbols.

“The social and religious chaos generated by this political machine throughout the United States will prepare the nation for the coming of the prophet of the Antichrist. This political unit of the East will be the tool of the serpent in delivering the masses to him.”

Because of the weakness of the Bible and the corruption of the Vatican and other Catholic priests, people are losing faith in Christianity. It´s time for a change. Jesus Christ emerged at the turn of the last age, when the zodiac shifted into Pisces. The world is again on the verge of a shift of ages from Pisces into Aquarius – the dawn of a new spiritual enlightenment. But for the change of spiritual awareness to take place the world people need a guide. That guide is the antichrist – or in other words, the powerful elite that control the world through the corrupt banking system of Europe and the military power of the USA.

As has shown previously, whatever Jeane Dixon predicts, only comes true when the powers that be go through with the plan. The New World Order has been planned since antiquity by powerful families that have a bloodline that stems all the way back to ancient Babylon, through Egypt and into Europe.

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