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Louis Farrakhan: The Voice of the Common Man

Louis Farrakhan is a highly controversial figure. The radical African-American delivers hard hitting speeches that are deemed to rile up hate against Jews and homosexuals in the black community. If you read quotes published in the mainstream media, Farrakhan is everything he is accused of. But mainstream media only tell you half-truths. As a consequence many consider Farrakhan evil whereas in reality he is merely misrepresented.

Based in Chicago, a city riddled with mafia-owned authorities and political corruption, Farrakhan is at the heart of an evil empire. You wouldn´t think he would win many friends by calling his radical movement Nation of Islam (NOI), but his honest opinion and hard-hitting views have earned him millions of supporters.

At his speeches he regularly rallies crowds by bringing it to their attention that media, banks, government, lobbyists, Hollywood, legal and medical sectors are all coveted and owned by Jews. He is not wrong, but his message is misconstrued and he is accused as being antisemitic and demonizing Jews.

When Farrakhan vents his anger towards “Jews” he is not talking about the sect of Jewish people in general, he is talking about the elite global Zionists that for centuries have slowly been taking over the world. That these people happen to be Jews is not the fault of Farrakhan, he is merely making an observation. In his own words, Farrakhan explains his message to the people:

“I know that by singling out not all Jews, but those specific irreligious Jews that the scripture calls the Synagogue of Satan, those who use their power to influence people away from the way of God, making evil fair-seeming to them … these irreligious Jews who claim they are Jews and they are not. They blaspheme the name of a Jew; a Jew is a good name. There’s deception here and the deceiver and the deception has to be exposed.”

Farrakhan is not a racist or antisemitic, he is just trying to warn people about the threat of the global Zionists. He recognizes the elite has a grand plan for world domination. That the most powerful people on the planet are mostly Jewish is not the fault of Farrakhan. Nor is it a coincidence; it is by design. Pointing out a fact doesn´t mean Farrakhan is demonizing Jews, it merely means he is well informed and curious as to why Jews own all the major aspects of society.

Farrakhan speaks so vehemently against the Zionists because he believes they have “poisoned the bloodstream of Islam, of Christianity, of Judaism, of Communism, of Socialism.” He recognizes how the globalists manipulate social thinking through media so that the religious sects and people with different political views pit themselves violently against one another. He also believes that race and colour and used by the globalists for people to hate one another.

“If they go to war with Iran, which they’re setting the stage for now, it’ll be because the Zionists have pushed Obama to do their bidding and to put a black face on an illegitimate war and use black and brown and poor white to fight a war for the Ashkenazi false Jews that have come out of Europe. These same people started apartheid in Africa. The same Jews are guilty of Jim Crow and the laws that segregated us and they’re the same forces that are in Palestine right now telling Palestinians in their own land what roads they can travel on and what they’re not free to travel on.”

It doesn´t take a blind man to see that discrimination has crept into every aspect of society. In schools, children are bullied because they wear different clothes, listen to different music. Society makes it difficult to be different and the main reason for that is because the media and Hollywood influences what people should like, how they should like and what they should listen to. Farrakhan recognizes the con. does not necessarily support Farrakhan´s methods, but we do recognize his intentions. He cares for the common man. He comes from a background of tough love and feels that he needs to stir up emotions in order for his radical views to be heard.

Farrakhan is as much of a victim of the globalist as the rest of us, but he at least has the balls to stand up in public and do something about it. Essentially he is putting his life in the crossfires. He is prepared to be vindicated by people who read the half-truths printed by mainstream media even though they are the people he is attempting to warn. When people wake up to the truth they will realize Farrakhan has nothing against the majority of Jewish people, but is in fact the voice of the common man.

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