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Mayan Prophecies

The Mayans left messages carved into the stones of their monuments that contain seven prophecies. A highly advanced race of peoples fully attuned to the workings of the Universe, the indigenous Indians of Mexico believed the galaxy follows a consistent respiration cycle every 5,125 years. The end of that cycle is dated on their long count calendar as the 22nd December 2012.

The Maya wrote that civilisation is currently in its fifth cycle, the age of the Jaguar, and since 1992 the Cosmos has been in a transitional phase to pass into its sixth cycle. This will complete when the planets align on the winter solstice (or summer solstice in the southern hemisphere) in December 2012. What this ultimately means for us is a change in consciousness, but the changes in the cosmos will displace the earth from its axis which will cause earthquakes, tsunamis and crust displacement. Could it be therefore that the upheaval of natural disasters will be the cause that will affect human consciousness?

“Let there be light! Let the dawn rise over heavens and earth! There can be no glory, no splendour, until the human being exists, the fully developed man!”

The first prophecy talks about a “time without time.” According to the Maya the changes started in 1999, a key turning point in which humanity will enter a process of great learning and change. They give us 13 years to change our behaviour and commitment to the planet or suffer the consequences. The number 13, or rather 12 + 1 is a recurring theme in esoteric wisdom, namely, 12 signs of the zodiac around the sun, Jesus and 12 disciples, the twelve tribes of Israel and the lost tribe of Dan. In the tarot which dates back to ancient Egypt there are 13 cards in each suit of the minor arcana and the Death card is numbered 13 – a card which effectively represents a time of rebirth. Is all this too much of a coincidence?

The second Mayan prophecy states the answer to everything is within every individual. This again is a common philosophical belief. In ancient Greece, the playwright Euripides wrote: In each of us there is a God. Plato believed in a behaviour that he coined innate ideas- we already have the answers inside us but haven´t realised them yet.

The Maya say that our subconscious “behaviour” will determine our future and suggest that vibrations in the galaxy since 1999 are altering our way of thinking and feeling. Ultimately we have two paths. Comprehension and tolerance or fear and destruction. The path you follow will be chosen by you. If you are reading this its likely you have chosen the former. If you listen to what media tell you and put your trust in government, are materialistic and selfish, then you need to change your way of thinking.

The third prophecy indicates a rise in temperature that will produce climatic changes. This is not just happening on Earth, but in every planet in our Solar System. If you believe climate change is due to man-created CFC gasses, see path 2 of prophecy 2 – and change your way of thinking.

The change in temperature will of cause create geological and social changes, but according to the Mayans it is the social changes that are created by man, not the climate changes themselves. Because of man´s lack of conscience to care for and protect natural resources the natural activities of the planet will increase. If you need evidence of this see what Nostradamus Predictions has to say about Volcanic Eruptions.

The fourth prophecy predicts an increase of output from the sun which will cause the solar ice caps to melt. We already have evidence this is happening. As the ice caps melt the waters will rise and subsequently submerge coastlines under water. Scientists have already predicted this will happen, but do you see any Governments taking action to improve the flood barriers in coastal regions? Perhaps they´ll get round to it after they´ve made us pay the hoax fees to make our homes climate-friendly.

The fifth prophecy states that our civilisation is created by a system based on fear. Read the newspapers, watch the news – what are they talking about. Society is being ripped apart because we can´t trust one another. But they Maya also predict this system will fail because eventually man will have to face up to his inabilities and it will be the path of cosmic evolution which ultimately helps us to understand the origins of creation. They say that a common spiritual belief will establish many ways to look at the divine creator; because ultimately you are your own creator in life.

The sixth prophecy predicts the emergence of a comet which will signal the evolution of the collective conscience. Comets are considered by the Mayans as signals of change, and not as some doomsayers predict, an intergalactic threat which will hit planet and cause mass disruption, send us off kilter or interrupt the Earth´s electro-magnetic shield. However, Nostradamus also predicts that the sighting of a comet will indicate the emergence of the third antichrist.

The seventh prophecy is arguably the most interesting. It states that a light emitted from the centre of the cosmos will allow all living beings the opportunity to undertake an internal transformation that produces new realities and enable us to communicate telepathically. It states that limitations will disappear, a new age of transparency will begin, and the lie will end.

What this means is that for those people who choose to walk into the light will become illuminated and see the lies and deceit the world´s media and governments are force-feeding us and put us in a stronger position to defend ourselves against tyranny and suppression. The question is how the enlightened choose to rebel. What we must remember is that violent rebellion will only be met will violent retaliation, governments will impose Marshall Law and civil wars will tear nations apart. It is therefore important that we follow the example of the Egyptian people who overturned their government by peaceful protest whereby we must put our faith in the prophecies of ancient cultures like the Maya and believe that harmony will be achieved because a higher state of consciousness is determined in the cycles of the Universe.

One last point to note about the Maya is that in esoteric philosophy the word Maya represents a mind that frees itself from the body and seeks plain conscience. In Hindu it represents Illuminated ones.

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