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Mohawk Prophecy of the Seventh Generation

The Onkwehonwe, a native American Mohawk tribe that inhabit land encompassing the border of Canada and the United States has a prophecy that very much mirrors the quatrains of Nostradamus. They predict that the end times will come to Earth in the seventh generation of their race, the Kanien´kehaka. That time is now and like Nostradamus there are signs on Earth that their prophecy is coming true.

The Onkwehonwe said that after seven generations of living with Europeans, the elm trees would begin to die from the top down. Today we find that it is not just the Elm trees we find are dying, but many different types of trees. The Onkwehonwe also predicted birds would fall from the sky, fish would die in the water and huge monsters would tear open the face of the Earth. The first two predictions have been reported in mainstream news for years; could the third prophecy be about to happen?

Century 1 Quatrain 87

Earthshaking fire from the center of the earth
will cause tremors around the New City.
Two great rocks will war for a long time,
then Arethusa will redden a new river.

The prophecy given by the Onkwehonwe suggests that perhaps an earthquake or comets will “tear open the face of the Earth,” and in Nostradamus´ quatrain above he adds a different slant by suggesting an “Earthshaking fire” and two rocks will war for a long time. Could the earth shaking fire be a nuclear warhead stored in underground bunkers be launched at the New City?

Possibly so as the Mohawk tribe of North America some 300 years after Nostradamus also predicted “air that would burn the eyes of man.” The fall-out of Chemical warfare will burn. But on the other hand let´s not forget that the native Indians were very in tune with nature and astronomy and maybe referring to the end times as the change in the zodiacal cycle from Pisces to Aquarius – in which case the end times predicted by Nostradamus is not upon us just yet – not in 2012 at least.

And the interesting thing is that the people living in the time of the seventh generation of the Onkwehonwe would be ashamed of hoe mankind has treated the planet, Mother Earth, our provider. Fish and birds are dying because we have polluted the air and water, trees are dying because we have tainted the soil. The Onkwehonwe are warning us to stop polluting the atmosphere otherwise the humankind will breathe polluted air strong enough to make our eyes burn.

Nostradamus predicts famines and droughts in a number of quatrains but few scholars are piecing together that the warnings the French seer is giving to us might be more to do with the way that humankind kind are raping the planet and polluting it. Yet Nostradamus also warns us of great floods – a deluge which historical records determine was Mother Earth rebelling against the people for their greed and disrespect.

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