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New Century Prophet

Just as Nostradamus predicted his death, the disruption of his grave and
the violent end to the man who opened his tomb, the 16th century also
predicts the visions of another prophet that will emerge in the 21st
century and eclispe his own prophecies.

Quatrain 3.94

For five hundred years more they will hold notice
Of he who was the adornment of his time:
Then suddenly a great revelation given,
Which will render the people of that century quite content.

In his book, Nostradamus and the Final Age, Michael McClellan states that
predictions made by a 21st century prophet will satisfy the people of the
time. He estimates the date will be in 2066, 500 years after the death of
the Frenchman, and that the new prophecies will come from an influential
statesmen who resides in the new Atlantis.

That the planet is set for the emergence of a new prophecy sits well with
the idea that changes in the Cosmos and Earth’s transgression into the Age
of Aquarius will bring with it a heightened sense of awareness. Every human
being has the capacity for psychic ability though some people are more
attuned to it than others.

There are not many famous channelers or prophets that are well known today.
Other than entertainers like John Edward, the American channeler from the
hit TV show ‘Crossing over with John Edward,’ prophets don’t get much of
a mention in todays world. In fact, few are taken seriously anymore. That
is undoubtedly due to the commercial factor. Even mediums with a true gift
often fake it to save face in front of an audience.

Modern day psychics just don’t air their voice anymore. Is that because
they don’t get publicity, or is it because there aren’t any credible
psychics anymore? People are too quick to point an accusing finger and
call them mad. Or has technology destroyed our ability to connect with the
supernatural world?

There have been few credible psychics since the late 19th Century and first
half of the 20th century when the likes of Madame Helena Blavatsky and
Edgar Cayce rose to prominence. In fact, before his death in 1945, the
latter predicted the shifting of the poles which astronomers and spiritual
leaders predict will happen some time over the next two years.

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