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No End to the World on 21 December 2012

Guest Post by: Madhavi S

The Mayans, one of the ancient tribes of Mesoamerica, were proficient in mapping the movement of time. They came up with the 365 day solar year and the 5,126 years of World Time Calendar. Contrary to what has been bandied in the press and the media about the end of the world, the Humans or the Homo-Sapiens will not be wiped off the earth completely. The book of Revelations a divinely inspired prophecy is predominantly concerned with events preceding the Second Coming of the Christ.

Michael Nostradamus a 15th century Seer, Prophet and a Physician predicted in various quatrains about many of the disasters portended in the Bible. From pestilences, Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, explosion of starts, the war of the Mahdi lasting 27 Years and the heat of the Sun becoming unbearable. Most of the industrial economies like USA, Europe and the advanced countries with their lack of faith in God would face the wrath of God. However things are not that bleak!

People can choose to live in darkness and bemoan the loss of light or simply light a lamp which erases the darkness. One can highlight the positive rather than wallowing in the negativity. The 3rd World War would see the emergence of the 10th avatar of Vishnu- the Supreme Personality of the God Head. The rise of Lord Kalki who will appear 3 Years after the war would also take action against the miscreants would assign the respective kings/rulers to head the different regions after the end of the war would see him showered with praise. Nostradamus predicted in his quatrains that the chosen one would arise from the East contrary to the Second Coming of the Christ taking place.

The supreme promise of Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita- the holy book contains the following:
Whenever there is a withering of the law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself.

For the salvation of the righteous
and the destruction of such as do evil,
for the firm establishing of the Law,
I come to birth, age after age.

~ Bhagavad Gita, Book IV, Sutra 5, 7, 8


Being a follower of the late Cheiro I use numerology to predict the events as well as mapping the events with the behaviour of the stock market. It is further from the truth that the world will end in 2012. Humanity is given enough time to redeem itself and to regain the faith in God and for it to face lesser trials and tribulations!

The word “Judgement” which comes to the number 37 indicates that mankind is given time of 25 Years where his or her actions will be judged by the Lord. Thus even the word “Christian” comes to 25 which when added to the Year 2012…we obtain the Year 2037.
As it has been said  an act of God takes the form of a natural disaster and human apathy transforms it into a man-made disaster. Thus the natural disaster that would first take place would be the sighting of the Comet in December 2036. The hail and the fire of the Comet would cause devastating destruction to the countries like Britain and parts of the USA. As predicted by the Bible about a third of the land and the greenery would be razed to the ground. Countries which were producing surpluses would suddenly find shortages. We are not done with this!

An Asteroid resembling a huge mountain would be thrown into the seas would destroy a third of the seas and it’s mammals. This would cause shortage of fishes throughout the world. Further a huge star would explode would see fire fall on the people and the landmass destroying life and property in the process. Meteors and eclipses would complete the remaining job!

Thus countries which were rich and prosperous would be brought to their knees. As Matthews states in the Bible about a sweet talking Mahdi (Blue Turbaned gentleman from Saudi Arabia) would seduce the masses of Europe and launch a peace program and a relief program. However the piece is shortlived and the war flares up. This war of the Anti-Christ would last for 27 years and would see 2 billion people perish according to Nostradamus. The Mahdi would get his hands on nuclear weapons and would not hesitate to use them against the people of Europe.

Nostradamus writes in his quatrains that Lord Kalki with his sword named Ratnamaru and his horse called Devdatta would strike all the invaders with his rod (reference to the shining sword). It has been said that Lord Kalki will rule for over 100 Years after the end of the war (2037-2064).

The Comet would see the crash of the monetary system and the paper currency that goes with it. Michael Nostradamus saw the usage of coins made of leather in the 27 Year War. Shortages of food and water will see man devouring man!

Following is a mantra given by Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy who predicted his reincarnation as Lord Kalki.

Om Hreem Kleem Shreem Namah Shivaya!
Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy Namah!

Chanting of this mantra with sincerity is said to bestow knowledge, wealth and wisdom to the subject.

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