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Noam Chomsky: The Threat of US Imperialism

Noam Chomsky, the renowned American philosopher and father of modern day linguistics has been slating US politicos for their “savage” imperial tactics since the days of the Vietnam War. More recently he has criticized the US for it continuing war effort in the Middle-East and the attempts to provoke Iran.

In part 1 of his essay, “US Savage Imperialism: The US Empire, the Mideast and the world” Chomsky argues that the US sacrifices democracy for its own interests, both at home and overseas. The Bush administration engineered the reasons to send military troops into the Middle East, whilst the Obama administration is taking care of potential backlashes from US citizens on home soil.

Chomsky has condemned settler colonialism as “far and away the worst kind of imperialism, the most savage kind because it requires eliminating the indigenous population.” Nothing has changed since the first days of inception. Thomas Jefferson was determined to make the new colonized continent exclusive to white settlers and wanted to drive away red Indians and eliminate Latins. Blacks would be sent back to Africa once they had finished with them.

John Quincy Adams, the 6th President of the United States described the colonization as “hapless race of Native Americans, which we are exterminating with such merciless and perfidious cruelty,” yet he was not opposed to America extending it hand to the rest of the world declaring the expansion was the path to security. US presidents have been saying the same thing ever since.

United States Elite Want World Domination

After WW2, global power was passed from Britain to the United States. The UK´s geographical position in Western Europe left them too vulnerable to the might of Communist Russia in the east although to this day they retain the economic power which drives the US. President Roosevelt´s high-level adviser wrote that control of the Middle East oil would enable the US to control the world. It comes as no surprise to find that the Middle East – especially Iran – is the focus of American attention in the present day.

The US has been trying to eliminate the threat of Iran since 1979. Carter was the first to try, but failed. In the early 1990´s the US then cajoled Saddam Hussein to attack their neighbours and gave them training in nuclear weapons development – weapons of mass destruction that have never been found.

The US lie deepens. In 2010, the US Congress heard a report that declared Iran was not a military threat. Iran´s military spending was less than 2 per cent of what the US had ploughed into the “defense” reserves. The report also states that Iran´s military doctrine is purely defensive, “designed to slow down an invasion. The mainstream media instead reported that Iran had begun a uranium enrichment program and could pose a nuclear threat to US sovereignty.

The only threat Iran pose to the US is their efforts to extend its influence in the Middle East. The United States Empire owns half the world and its billion-dollar rich corporations are trampling small businesses in local communities. Once the US oligarchs step up their push to capture the Middle East, their imperialist threat will come face to face with China and Russia.

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