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Nostradamus Antichrist Suspect: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Nostradamus Antichrist Suspect: Arnold Schwarzenegger

He´s played the role of The Terminator in films, but could Arnold Schwarzenegger be the antichrist predicted by Nostradamus. Some commentators seem to think so. Since his introduction into politics at the personal bequest of George H. Bush, Schwarzenegger took a meteoric rise to become governor of California in a little over 10 years. Could his popularity put him in a position to be Nostradamus´ antichrist?

You wouldn´t expect that the antichrist would be a puppet, but let´s face it, the former Austrian muscle man does not have the prestige or the heritage to rule the planet of his own means and volition. Despite his physical power, Schwarzenegger has no control on a world stage other than as a formidable stage presence.

However, that is not to say that the antichrist will not be a puppet to the master just as every other President and Prime Minister the world has had the misfortune to be subjected to and subjugated by. The real rulers of the world are the money-men, particularly bankers like the Rothschild, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

Evidence to support that puppet theory can be found in the Bible in the Book of Daniel who is proving to be a good source of information for potentially identifying the antichrist. The prophet wrote:

“His power shall be great—but not by his own power; and he shall cause fearful destruction and shall succeed in what he does, and destroy mighty men and the people who are the saints.” Daniel: 24.3

The above quote has been interpreted by commentators speculating, and trying to prove that Arnie is the antichrist, as referring to an “icon of success,” and an “insubordinate politician.” has to agree that reading between the lines there is a case to argue that the antichrist will be placed in a position of power whereby he can “cause fearful destruction,” but will not be making the decisions himself.

According to some researchers of Nostradamus´ antichrist, Schwarzenegger does rank highly on the “antichristology” charts. The old numerological analysis of his antichrist name, “President Arnold Schwarzenegger” adds up to 666 – along with just about every other antichrist candidate.

As has established before, the evidence of the numerological ratings is pretty flimsy if not inaccurate, and furthermore the passage in Daniel above suggests the antichrist will have to be a man of greater political and spiritual influence than a former film star if he is to “destroy mighty men and the people who are the saints.”

Nostradamus also makes aspersions that the antichrist will be a man of formidable power, a man who comes from a bloodline of power through the ages. Many believe the antichrist will lead the “new Roman Empire,” which today is known as the European Union in combination with the military might (and willingness) of the US. Certainly according to Nostradamus, “the antichrist kills the other three,” suggesting there is a legion of powerful men that take control, but an internal struggle for power ends with the antichrist betraying his allies by murdering them. That really doesn´t sound like a role Arnold would play in real-life.

Schwarzenegger lost his seat as governor of California in 2011 amid all manner of allegations including sexual assault. Although most claims can´t be proven he did leave the State in a terrible financial mess. But then again every State in the US together with the majority of countries around the world suffered from the economic crisis of 2008.

Of course, now Schwarzenegger is no longer governor of California he can concentrate on running for Presidency of the EU when current president Herman Van Rompuy’s steps down on May 31, 2012. If he is successful Schwarzenegger would be in power of the “new Roman Empire,” and that would put him in a position to fulfil the predictions prophesied by Nostradamus.

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