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Nostradamus Antichrist Suspect: Ron Paul

Antichrist Suspect: Ron Paul

Described as the great Libertarian, Ron Paul´s primary message in his presidential election campaign is: Restore America Now. Given the Obama administration continued what the Bush family started and stripped US citizens of their most essential civil rights, freedom of speech and, well, erm freedom, US citizens with two brains cells to rub together and who are awake to the ludicrous corruption consistently planted in the White House should be echoing his sentiments. But is Ron Paul the false prophet and antichrist predicted by Nostradamus?

For years Ron Paul has been the voice America needs to hear, but he was silenced by Barack Obama in 2008. The first black man in history to take charge of the White House has subsequently introduced more laws that go against the American constitution that it does for it. Ron Paul has spoken out against them all.

Ron Paul calls for an end to the Jewish owned FED

Paul has also called for an end to the Federal Reserve which he describes as dishonest, immoral and unconstitutional. Clued up economists back his sentiments as they know that most of the taxed paid by US citizens go straight back to the FED to repay interest on the loans that the head bank dish out – ultimately creating perpetual debt which means the money in your pocket is practically worth nothing.

The all-American statesmen as some would call him, as been labelled a racist by the opposition, declaring he is against Jews. Paul is not a racist it just happens to be that the Jews own all the banks in America and the financial system is “dishonest, immoral and unconstitutional.” Not only that but they also own the media, entertainment, lobbying and oil companies among other things.

Indeed Paul is playing up the economic, military, and political disasters of this country and promising a plan for peace. The Bible tells us in several passages that when the antichrist returns to Earth he will appear as a false prophet and lead man to destruction. Some commentators have taken this on board and are now fingering the supposed “saviour” as the antichrist, the name for the personification of evil.

For example, in code the 26 letters of the alphabet are awarded a numerical equivalent and it has been concluded that the letters in Ron Paul´s name add up to the number we know is the mark of the beast, 666:








Do the math and you will find the figures amount to 654. Already, the antichrist conspiracy against Ron Paul are disintegrating. And then they turn to the Prophecies ´f Nostradamus who declares in Century 8 Quatrain 77: “The antichrist soon annihilates the three,” combined with his most famous antichrist quote: “Mabus will soon die.” The code goes thus:

Obama is considered the third antichrist after George W. Bush and another who could be a handful of players narrowed down to Saddam Hussein or perhaps George Bush Senior – let´s keep it in the family. Combine Obama and Bush and you get obamabush. See it? Of course you do! Mabus will soon die” the so-called “scholars,” declare. Hang on Mr scholar, whose Mabus, Bush or Obama? Who knows?

Ron Paul doesn´t really meet the requirements of Nostradamus´ Mabus either, although he does have great potential to be the false prophet described in the Bible. Given that he is likely to be nudged out the race to spearhead the Republican front by Mitt Romney, a man who´s campaign is “Believe in America,” an irony when you see what is really happening to America, Paul may not even get the chance to be the prophesied “false prophet” either.

Even if Paul does make it to the White House – something that will only happen if reports about the US elite being arrested is true – can the American public trust him to deliver what he says he will do? After all, politicians are trained to deceive and in reality they are not elected by the people, but selected by the powers. Even by his own admission Paul says: “When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.”

Paul has also been caught on camera giving the horned goat sign with his hands which is a recognised symbol of Freemasonry representing Baphomet, a satanic God. Given that higher Freemasons are the global elitists with a plan to roll out the New World Order and are sworn into their brotherhoods with orders never to talk about the criminal activities of other members can we trust any leaders of the world not to be Nostradamus´ antichrist?

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