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Nostradamus Antichrist Suspect: Tim Uppal

It´s gradually being linked that the New World Order and the antichrist predicted by Nostradamus are connected – simply because the push for NWO will result in a Third World War and only a man who preaches peace and promises to save the masses from the few can steer us away from Armageddon. Most commentators are looking towards the United States and the Middle East, possibly even Asia, but maybe there is one candidate that is being overlooked in Canada. Could Tim Uppal be Nostradamus´ Mabus antichrist?

When you see images of Tim Uppal it´s easy to see why people suspect him as being the antichrist. If you don´t know who Tim Uppal is, Google him in “Images” and you will see he wears a brilliant blue turban. People automatically make the link because of Nostradamus´ quatrain.

Out of the country of Greater Arabia,

Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed,

He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.

He will be the terror of mankind.

Never more horror.

The glaring problem with the above quatrain however is, it was not written by Nostradamus. The French seer famously wrote his verses in four line stanza´s, hence the word quatrain. You will note the above verse has five lines. Some writers I have noticed fit the above verse into four lines, yet not one of them quotes which Century and quatrain it is. That´s because it does not belong to Nostradamus, but for some reason has been attributed to him.

Nostradmauspredictions cannot confirm where the above verse comes from or why it mentions a blue turban. However, we can surmise that a corresponding verse which potentially points the finger at Tim Uppal is not far removed from what the false verse above is getting at. Of course, that is presuming Nostradamus is referring to Canada as the “deepest part of the west of Europe, which is you know your history and the pattern of ruling bloodlines you will know that Canada is British and French. But also note the last line, “his fame will rise in the Eastern Kingdom.” Or possibly the “Greater Arabia,” as proposed in the false verse.

Century 3 Quatrain35

Out of the deepest part of the west of Europe,
From poor people a young child shall be born,
Who with his tongue shall seduce many people,
His fame shall increase in the Eastern Kingdom.

Therefore the mystery of the spoof Nostradamus verse has to make you wonder whether it was actually written by somebody who does know the real truth, but has deliberately positioned this verse out of place as double misinformation. The reason I say that is because it is not found in Nostradamus´ book of quatrains, Les Propheties, something any Nostradamus scholar can easily discover. Therefore it is written incorrectly to make it appear as though it is written by somebody who is not schooled in Nostradamus in which case scholars will dismiss is written by an imbecile.

Some people though believe the antichrist is the man from “Greater Arabia,” and are now scouring the planet for a man in a blue turban. But perhaps it is the so-called imbeciles that are on the right track and not the educated scholars. And the arrogance of scholars often blinds them to the real truth. Take a look at this real quatrain from Nostradamus and in actual fact he could in actual fact be hinting the antichrist does indeed where a blue turban.

Century 9– Quatrain 73

The Blue Turban King entered into Foix,
And he will reign less than an evolution of Saturn:
The White Turban King Byzantium heart banished,
Sun, Mars and Mercury near Aquarius.

Nostradamus tells us in Century 8 Quatrain 77, “the antichrist soon annihilates the three,” and that “27 years the blood of his war will last.” In the above quatrain the French prophet tell us his reign will last “less than an evolution of Saturn,” which is 29.4 Earth years.

So it could be that the antichrist does wear a blue turban. Lurking in the background behind the cabinet of Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, Tim Uppal has not made much of an impression in terms of world politics, but he has caused something of a stir amongst his peers.

When Uppal was nominated as the Conservative candidate for Edmonton Sherwood Park in 2008, some members felt so strongly against the proposal that they quit the board in protest. Uppal of course went on to win the election. He doesn´t sound like a political plant does he?

Then you look into some of Uppal´s background information and find that he was a residential mortgage manager at TD Canada Trust. It was faulty mortgage loans that caused the 2008 economic collapse the globe is still recovering from and TD Canada Trust have been in their fair share of mortgage scams.

Since becoming one of Harper´s wingmen, Uppal passed a private member´s that enabled the country to build a National Holocaust Memorial that is paid for by donation from citizen´s. The first questionable aspect about this bill is that private member´s bills don´t ordinarily become law.

Secondly, it portrays Uppal as a sympathiser towards Jews, which is an image he will need to be the antichrist. Throughout history, Jews have always been persecuted and they will be again when World War 3 kicks off, albeit along with most other races this time. The irony is that the world is run by Zionists who kill their own to disguise their crimes.

These days if anybody says anything against Jews they are label anti-Semitic and looked down upon by society, which in many cases is wrong, because it is not ordinary Jews they are pointing the finger at for being corrupt, it is the families of the ruling elite that own investment banks, the media, lobbying committees and many other positions of power in which they are in a position to abuse that power. And they abuse it big time. Is it a coincidence that most of them of Jewish? has established in earlier antichrist suspect analysis that whoever the antichrist is will be a puppet of the ruling elite. Tim Uppal does appear to be a political puppet and if he should be given a position in the UN whereby “he will enter Europe wearing a blue turban” – as the false Nostradamus tells us – don´t believe a word he says!

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