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Nostradamus Antichrist Suspect: United Nations

This article is dedicated to reader Doug Reynolds who sent a message outlining his suspicions that the antichrist is not a man, but an organisation, namely the United Nations. Given that the puppet Presidents of the United Nations only serves a year before being replaced, the UN is clearly a governing body rather than an organisation with an outright leader.

In his email, Doug points towards the now famous speech given by George H. Bush on September 11th 1991, in which he openly talks about the opportunity to forge a New World Order. “We have a real chance at this New World Order an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peace keeping role to fulfil the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.” If you are not familiar with the speech, watch this video – but beware, it´s creepy!

A brief history of the UN

The “vision of the UN´s founders” as George Bush tells us is to create the “big idea” of a New World Order – and they will be successful! The founding members were a delegation of 50 countries, although the basis of the charters proposal was submitted by members representing the UK, the United States, Russia and China.  That´s a lot of communist influence there! And what if I told you the Secretary General of the committee was Alger Hiss who three years after flying the charter up to Washington for then President Harry S. Truman to sign, was convicted as a secret communist.

The Communist connection in the United States government does not end with the UN charter practically mirroring the Communist constitution of Russia and China. The campaign of current President Barrack Obama was funded by the Communist Party and in December 2011 he passed a law in the National Defense Authorisation Act that gave the go ahead to arrest and detain anybody who disagrees with government policy. The Act dresses political prisoners up as “terrorists,” but given anybody that is arrested under S.1876 will not have the right to a trial or legal representation. The will just be locked away in FEMA camps without question just as the Russians were dismissed to gulags in the mid-20th century. And it will be the soldiers of the UN who make the arrests once the NWO kicks in.

The UN was officially formed in 1942 with 51 members. In 1952, their headquarters were competed in Manhattan, New York, built on land purchased with an $8.5 million donation from John D. Rockefeller Jr. Today they have offices all over the world and have 193 member states, which is practically the entire world except Kosovo, Taiwan and the Vatican City. The purpose of the UN is to go on peacekeeping missions, or as it was termed in Bosnia, “peace enforcing,” yet if all countries are signed up to the same organisation why is there still the need for a world peace-keeping organisation? The answer to that is because the world elite need wars to create the “major crisis” that give them the excuse to enact the New World Order.

Although scholars have indicated Nostradamus refers to the antichrist as Mabus which we are lead to believe is a person, but could the letters represent Military, Administrators and Bankers of United States (not the United States), because Bankers, administrators and the military do rule (and ruin) nations and the same assemblage is found in the UN. They are not just a blue-helmet – or blue turban as Nostradamus describes in Century 9 Quatrain 73 – but also have many other far reaching tentacles which can be used to control nations, the World Health Organisation and the World Food Programme being two major ones especially given that Nostradamus persistently warns us about famine and disease and we read about fluoride in our water and genetically engineered food that is decaying our innards.

Given that the United Nations is really just the forerunner of the NWO and in effect is the new Roman Empire, the organisation is in some part connected to the antichrist. Both Nostradamus and the Bible talk about the antichrist as seducing people with his words and promising peace. Jesus said that before his return many would profess to be the Messiah, but really they are the antichrists. Are these antichrists the Presidents of the UN?

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