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Nostradamus, Daniel and the Antichrist

In an attempt to understand who the antichrist prophesied by Nostradamus might be has decided to read more into the Bible. Daniel consistently appears with reverence to the antichrist and he appears to be a valuable source to support the cryptic clues in the quatrains of Nostradamus.

Daniel says the antichrist will be a man who “will rise among 10 kings,” (7:8) and that “his kingdom will devour the whole earth,” (7:23). Once in power he will uproot three of the original three kings. Nostradamus also predicts that “the antichrist very soon annihilates the three.” The prophets are most likely speaking about nations that form a coalition. Revelations 13:1-2 also says that 10 nations will form a World Government.

Daniel 8:25 reports the antichrist is a false prophet who “ascends to power on a platform of peace,” and sign a covenant that will last seven years. He will then retire from the public eye before rising to power again and will be the ruler of the eight empire which is a revived Roman Empire.

To date the world has had seven ruling empires, Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, all of which lead to the Holy Roman Empire which is disguised today as the UN. Therefore we can expect that 10 nations will eventually for a coalition of the UN. There are currently 193 members so we can only speculate who the 10 leading countries are, but we can envisage the majority are European powers.

When the antichrist comes to power he starts a war against “saints,” and “speaks great things against the God of gods,” (Daniel 11.36) suggesting the antichrist will attempt to usher in a new religion. In 2000, the UN founded the United Religions Initiative.  War will break out, but the antichrist will only rule for 42 months. Nostradamus says “Mabus soon dies,” but “his war will last for 27 years.”

In Daniel 11:31 it is stated that the antichrist “will have great military power that will stand behind him to enforce his laws” whom he will pay generously with “gold, silver and jewels.” This verse suggests martial law and already we see laws steering towards this under the hood of “Terrorism Acts.”

The good news is that both the Bible and Nostradamus predict the antichrist is defeated when he comes face to face with the Jesus Christ at Armageddon (Revelation 17:14). It is a little early to speculate who Jesus Christ might be at this stage, but maybe Nostradamus has the clues to that quandary somewhere in his quatrains as well.

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