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It is speculated by some commentators that the Mayan Long Count Calendar signals the dawn of a new age for man. Astrologists show that our planet is passing from one cycle of the zodiac to the next, in essence from Pisces, to Aquarius. In this new age it is believed that man will reach a heightened sense of awareness and experience redemption as prophesised in the book of revelations and the French prophet, Nostradamus.

The last time the world went through such a cycle was a little over 2000 years ago. We passed from the age of Aires to the age of Pisces. In Egypt, you see the age of the Ram in temple monuments and depicted in hieroglyphs. Jesus is symbolised by the fish. With the collapse of the Egyptian Empire we gradually see the rise of the Roman Empire which ultimately became the Holy Roman Empire – or in other words the Catholic Church.

Just as with the balance of power, religion also changed. Once the Roman Empire was established Emperor Constantine enforced a law to prevent the persecution of Christians who had found a new faith through Jesus. Constantine also gave Christian Priests property to house their churches. Eventually Christianity became more popular than paganism and the role reversal was complete. It was the pagans that were persecuted, and no Roman emperors or King´s of Europe came to their aid with laws preventing them from being killed. In fact, the Inquisition was established and the Catholic Church had free reign to kill whoever they wanted.

The powers that be are shaping the world to repeat the process of elimination as the world matures into the new age – or as politicians, bankers and others in the know call it, The New World Order. What the New World Order means is that our planet will have One World Government, One World Bank System and Currency and One World Religion. The founding of the Trilateral Commission consisting of the USA, European Union and Japan was a giant step towards securing territory and support. They were joined by China and India in 2009.

Century 10 Quatrain 75

Long awaited he will never return

In Europe, he will appear in Asia

One who is issued from the Great Hermes

And he will grow of all Kings of the East

The opening sentence to the above quatrain refers to Jesus, Mohammad, or whichever Messiah religious believers are waiting to return. And Nostradamus tells us right there, “he will never return.” However, a new Messiah will appear among us, a new religion that will appear in Europe and he will appear in Asia, “one who is issued from the Great Hermes.” In Greek mythology, Hermes is recognized as the Messenger – just as Jesus was a messenger.

History repeats itself. It´s a cliché, but it´s true. The power in Babylonia shifted to the power in Egypt shifted to the power in Rome, shifted to the power of European Kings, shifted to the power of the British Empire. Take a look at modern times and you can see the exact same pattern today as you find in history the last time the planet passed to the dawn of a new age – just as Nostradamus prophesied in the above quatrain.

The last superpower in the world was the British Empire. On the surface Britain is believed to have relinquished that power and the United States are seen to be the dominating force. But in reality they are one classed under the label of western superpower, together with several other European countries such as France and Spain both of which are heavily influence by the Roman Empire.

Suppose Britain reflects Egypt and America reflects the Roman Empire we have already seen the balance of power shifting. Europe in the form of Britain, France and Spain influence most other cultures around the world, thus the plan for a New World Order is not new at all, but has been in progress for hundreds of years. And the plan is due to enter its final phase.

And that´s not the only pattern. Remember what I said about Constantine introducing a new law to prevent the persecution of Christians. The treaty was known as the Edict of Milan. Today the same theme is an organization known as the United Religions Initiative (URI). So we are also in line for a new world religion to replace the existing ones.

Of course, non-supporters of western politics and philosophies will not be prepared to allow the west to establish a New World Order without putting up a fight. Nostradamus predicts worldwide horrors in many of his quatrains, many of which point towards famine and disease caused by a possible third world war.

Things don´t look to good for the future over the next century or so, though Nostradamus does predict things will improve in the future. Once the New World Order is running smoothly there will be peace, wars will cease and new laws will be established.

Century 9 Quatrain 66

There will be peace, union and change,
Estates and offices low, high and high, very low.
To prepare for a journey the first child torment.
War to cease, civil processes, debates.

In 1951, Paul Warburg a Jewish banker and Freemason said: “There will be a New World whether it is achieved by conquest or consent.” Thus the New World Order will happen one way or another and if Nostradamus is right it´s most likely to be by conquest. And Nostradamus points an accusing finger at the widespread destruction World War III will cause in hundreds of his quatrains.

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