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Nostradamus Predictions for 2013

Many scholars believed Nostradamus predicted an increase in natural disasters in 2012. Whilst it is true that numerous floods, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes caused major destruction and even took lives, the disasters were not end of the world events some commentators claimed.

In actual fact, the world saw more disasters in previous years. There were a total of 14 floods around the globe in 2012. This is compared to 24 in 2011 and 37 in 2010. There was an increase in volcanic activity, but none were as deadly as the Nabro Volcano in Eritrea that killed 32 people nor the eruption of Mount Merapi that killed 534 people the previous year.

Earthquakes tell a similar story, with only 1450 tremors in 2012 compared with 2495 in 2011 and 2136 in 2010. In fact, there were fewer earthquakes in 2012 than there had been annually since 2003. Hurricane activity in the Atlantic region last year was the third most fatal disasters in recorded history – tied with the number of hurricanes in 2010 and 2011.

It´s not that scholars are wrong about the year, but they have linked astrological patterns and current affairs with clues from the quatrains of the French seer and propose that the events disastrous events are occurring in the present day timeline. What they also propose is that the increase in natural disasters will be followed by man-made destruction.

Impending Prophesies of 2013

Throughout his centuries of quatrains, Nostradamus consistently talks about the probability of a Third World War. It feels as though the world has been on the brink of chemical warfare since 9/11, and as the mountain of evidence suggests, the attack was orchestrated by the powerful elite of Europe and the United States. Twelve years on the situation is looking painstakingly more threatening.

Century 3 Quatrain 97

New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judea and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire to decay,
Before the Moon completes it cycle.

Since the supposed “terrorist” attacks, several disturbing law have been put into place that effectively robs US citizens of the rights. Eventually, anybody who dares to disagree with the political power will be silenced one way or another, most notably accused as a terrorist and sent to work in forced labour camps without a trial. Others will have their land taken from them. It´s Communist Russia and 20th Century Africa all over again – only this time it´s happening in the USA – the barbarian empire.

In this millennium alone, US troops have been involved in wars in 26 different countries. How many have you actually heard about? To say the US in actively engaging in military battle in foreign territories for political and economic gain is an understatement. The fact that US weapons kill thousands of innocent men, women and children, and destroy the lives of millions of other is nothing less than barbaric.

The unrest in Syria, Judea and Palestine are all front page headlines in the newspapers today. If scholars are right about the above prediction of Nostradamus, the US empire will face a confrontation that will prove ruinous before “the moon completes its cycle.” The first Lunar eclipse of 2013 is 25th April.

As the white supremacists advance their plan for a New World Order, a destructive Third World War is inevitable. The number 13 is also a very powerful number in esoteric agendas and it seems 2013 may well be the year that we see the war foretold by Nostradamus and many other prophets come true.

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