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Olara Utunnu – Is Uganda a Glimpse of the Future in the West?

Olara Utunnu, former UN under-secretary general and leader of the Uganda People´s Congress is an outspoken figure rallying for a change at the head of Ugandan politics. His outcries of corruption and subjugation against current President Yoweri Museveni who has retained the seat since 1986 mostly fell on deaf ears. A string of subsequent public protests did not do enough to convince people to engage in a social movement and call for reform.

Utunnu has since declared that “democratic change is not possible in Uganda.” In an essay titled, “Democratic Change is the Non-Violent Resistance´s Objective,” the opposition leader describes how his fellow countrymen are living in conditions that are “unbearable” and “agitating”. He feels that unless Museveni is removed from power nothing will change and conditions will get worse. Utunnu writes:

“Citizens are protesting against the sham elections; families are demanding relief from unbearable costs of living; traders are saying ‘no’ to unfair tax burden, students and parents are agitating against escalating fees and appalling diet; and lawyers are protesting the collapse of the rule of law.”

In March and April 2011, Utunnu organised a serious of walks in order to stage a peaceful protest. Museveni responded by using police and military forces to break up the campaign. The lack of interest by the people Utunnu was trying to help resulted in an effort that was quickly stamp out and swept under the carpet. Meanwhile Ugandans continue to live in agitated circumstances.

Global protests broken by force

Uganda is not alone. In the last year numerous peaceful protesters in Australia, Spain, Canada, United States, Burma, China, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Nigeria have all suffered at the hands of police brutality for having an opinion about the way in which their country is run. Every single protest was inspired because of the corruption committed by government officials.

As the noose tightens on residents in the US and Europe more protests are likely to occur over the next five years. Economic tensions will bubble over boiling point and tax payers will want to air their opinions. The growing list of previous peaceful protests demonstrate there is no freedom of speech. There is no freedom. There is no democracy. The powers that be make decisions and act like criminals and anybody that does not agree with it is punished.

In the 20th Century there were some significant protests that did prevail; Gandhi´s hunger strikes and march through India helped win Independence, Martin Luther King´s civil rights movement won fair rights for blacks, Lech Walesa´s solidarity movement in Poland improved work conditions and pay for laborers and Vaclac Havel´s velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia enabled them to break away from Soviet power. The difference between the protests that succeeded and the protest that failed is that the former had sufficient numbers of people in support that made Governments back down.

There will come a time in the US and Europe when people finally wake up to the corruption behind the scenes of politics, finance, medicine, law, energy and commerce. When that time comes people need to be prepared and ready to stage protests in numbers. They should call for a criminal inquiry. They should call for reform.

People do not want to be enemies with their neighbors or people from other countries yet politicians continue to create war.  The crisis in the Middle East will be the war to end all war. It is up to the people to stop it before it even starts or it will be too late to do anything about it at all, and every country throughout the world will be living like the subjugated citizen´s of Uganda.

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