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Doomsday Predictions: Pole Shifts

There are several theories alluding to 2012 that involve a shift of the earth´s poles; Edgar Cayce spoke of this to a patient during one of his ´sleeping states, and some scholars say it has been predicted by Nostradamus following the Galactic Alignment that is due to occur on 21 December 2012.

A pole shift refers to the movement of the earth´s crust which changes the co-ordinates of the north and south poles, thus altering the lines of magnetic fields that move around the earth. The magnetic fields are created by electricity moving in circles around the planet which is caused by liquid metals moving in the earth´s core. The process is a natural phenomenon scientists prefer to call ´polar wander´.

The amount of movement is constant however, about 1 degree each year, but the result eventually means an area of land which was once the North Pole will eventually reach the South Pole. This process takes around 5000 years. Therefore the freezing climes of Alaska will one day be in a position on the planet where it is closer to the equator, thus the snow will melt – albeit not for about another 2000 years or so. Knowing this should give you a whole new rethink to Al Gore´s ridiculous claims of Global Warming.

Polar shifts were first brought to public attention when Charles Hapgood released his 1958 book titled, “The Earth´s Shifting Crust,” which had a forward by Albert Einstein. In more recent times scientists have been able to record the movement of the poles more accurately and have surmised that such shifts are what lead to earthquakes and tsunamis when they force the tectonic plates to move.

Scaremongers talk about a polar shift flipping 180 degrees, which off course would cause major disruptions on the face of the planet in the shape of tsunami´s and earthquakes, but the last time this happened was 780,000 years ago. You could argue we are overdue, but these flips are thought to happen every 300,000 years, which means we´re well overdue. In fact, humanity has never witness a flip, providing of course we are to believe the dateline of the Earth as presented by historians – which are often as reliable as the aforementioned Al Gore.

The earthquake in Japan in March 2011 however, raises some cause for concern as the earth moved on its axis by 4-inches and Japan itself shifted a massive 8-feet. This extraordinary shift may be an indicator that the pole shift is advancing more quickly than previous decades, but will that cause catastrophic events the scholars say was prophesised by Nostradamus et al?

Only time will tell, but the worst that will happen due to a polar shift is a black out. If the axis does take a sudden leap, then we are in trouble as the electro- magnetic field will weaken and we will most likely be exposed to the sun´s harmful rays and melt the ice sheets causing tidal waves and low lying land to be swallowed by rapidly rising sea water. For the record, Nostradamus doesn´t talk about pole shifts, even if Edgar Cayce does, though he does mention parts of the planet falling into the sea.

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