12.17.14 - Nostradamus Predicts The Anti-Christ Comes From The Middle-East
12.04.14 - Nostradamus Issues A Stark Warning About The Impending Economic Collapse
12.03.14 - Is ISIS The Beginning of World War Three
11.11.14 - Did Nostradamus Predict Ebola? Nostradamus Ebola Prediction


Nostradamus, the 16th century French prophet, is perhaps one of the most well-thought of clairvoyants of all time. His predictions were arranged into poems of four lines, known as quatrains and collected into lists known as centuries. Scholars who have dedicated years of study to the verses have linked the predictions of Nostradamus with religious texts and other prophets to some of the most astonishing events in history.

The verses do not flow in any particular order, nor do they give exact dates, thus the jumbled predictions have to be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. Because of this it is difficult to establish which quatrains have a direct link and which period in history they refer to. The verses are complicated further by Nostradamus´ use of cryptic text, hidden messages disguised by codes to protect himself from persecution against the Catholic Inquisition.

The alleged prophecies of Nostradamus proposed by scholars, astrologers and other experts are open to interpretation. The viewpoint of is not to force feed you with facts we want you to believe but to present the various theories and discuss their merits. Whatever you want to believe is a choice only you can make.


2012 Prophecy

The New Century Prophet

Antichrist Part I

Antichrist Part II

Antichrist Part III

Antichrist Part IV

Collapse of the World Trade Center

The Death of Princess Diana

The Assassination of the Kennedy Brothers

The Death of King Henry II of France

The Challenger Disaster

The French Revolution

World War I

World War II

The Great Fire of London Conspiracy

New World Order

Is Madonna the Whore of Babylon?

Nostradamus and the Wars against the Turks (1667-1700)

The Atomic Bombing of Japan (August 1945)

A New Age of Immortality?

Nostradamus’ Method Part I

Nostradamus’ Method Part II

Nostradamus Predicts New Religion

2012 Olympic Massacre

Nostradamus Predicted UK Floods

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