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Samuel Huntington – The War Between Civilizations

Former political scientist Samuel Huntington predicted that the next world war will start between civilizations. As tensions grow between western civilizations and the Muslim world on an international stage, distrust and hate manifests on a local level. Eventually, countries such as the US, UK and many other European countries that have a diverse melting pot of people from different cultures will be divided and the streets will become battle zones.

In his 1993 essay, “The Clash of Civilisations,” Huntington writes: “Conflict between civilizations will be the latest phase in the evolution of conflict in the modern world.” He goes on to quote R.R Palmer,  an 18th Century historian who said “The wars of kings were over; the wars of peoples had begun.”

Palmer and Huntington were referring to the conflict between people and power during the French revolution which they claim is when the focus of wars shifted from the monarchy to the people. The first incident was actually the English Civil War when Parliamentarians replaced Charles I, but the fact of the matter is the focus of war has never changed.

Political Scare Tactics

Huntington writes: “The conflicts of the Western world were largely among princes-emperors, absolute monarchs and constitutional monarchs attempting to expand their bureaucracies, their armies, their mercantilist economic strength and, most important, the territory they ruled. In the process they created nation states, and beginning with the French Revolution the principal lines of conflict were between nations rather than princes.”

The missing link with this hypothesis is that monarchs have been joined by bank owners, oil barons and corporate masters that use puppet governments to generate their wars for them rather than joining in the battle themselves. After World War II political leaders promised there would not be another world war, yet there has always been the threat to keep the public in fear.

The latest threat to nations is terrorism. Yet so-called acts of terrorism, 9/11 and 7/7 being the most recent examples, tend to leave so many unanswered questions that there are suspicions the acts were actually orchestrated by secret services and not actual terrorists. Do terrorists really exist or is it another fabrication that will be used as a tool by the ruling classes?

Huntington´s prediction

Huntington´s believes civilizations will clash because of the social differences, religion, tradition and racism. Through the use of religion and the media, divisions have been created among humankind and the cultural differences will be used as the root of conflicts in countries that harbor communities from different cultures.

As the global elite advance their plan for the New World Order they will use all the elements they have created in divided populations throughout cities to pit people against one another so that the streets become a battle ground. Then by using a Marshall Law civil liberties will be taken away and under the police state anybody who disagrees with government policy will be treated with suspicion as a “terrorist” and taken to a FEMA camp where they will never be heard of again.

When Lenin led the Russians Revolution there was as civil war. Once he was in power his critics were sent to forced labor camps. The Soviet government continued to imprison people for having opposing views throughout the 20th Century until Communism collapsed. Nazi Germany employed the same tactics. Western governments are preparing to incite a clash of civilizations and use terrorism as a reason to get rid of anybody who opposes the New World Order.

Huntington was at the heart of political science in the US. His critics accused him of attempting to create a new enemy. Given that white supremacists made black African slaves and generated hatred between blacks and whites after the slave trade was abolished that criticism is nonsense.

There has only ever been one enemy of the common man and that is the people in power. We live by their rules and fight their wars. We swallow their lies despite a history of corruption. When will the common man realize their neighbor, despite their color, creed or culture is not the enemy?

As long as we have media and religion that answer to that question is never – and even if they do, it will be too late! Huntington has warned us of the imminent battle. There does not have to be a battle. If the common man calls to bring the criminal elite to justice we can recreate a fair system. But if the herd continue to walk blindly into the abattoir, we will all suffer!

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