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Science – Comets

Comets are clumps of ice, dust small rocky particle found in the solar system that can be seen in the night sky when close enough to the sun. As Nostradamus describes on several of his quatrains, comets usually have a tail. This phenomenon is due to the effects of the intense heat dragging behind the rock in the solar wind.

As of January 2011 there are a reported 4,185 known comets in the inner solar system, though this figure represents only a small fraction of comets in our Solar system.  There could be anything to one trillion in the outer solar system. Without the aid of a telescope most comets are invisible. On average you can see one a year with the naked eye.

Comets are known to have made impact with the sun and other planets including Earth. Scientists believe comets bombarded the Earth some 4 million years ago account for the vast quantities of water found on the planet. The last comet to impact with Earth was over Sudan in 2007. It didn´t cause any significant damage. Though there are many comets that come into Earth´s orbit a collision is not anticipated to cause as much damage as an asteroid.

The most famous comet is known as Halley´s comet, named after the astronomer Edmund Halley who calculated a comet passing Earth in the 15th and 16th century was the same object. Halley´s comet passes Earth every 70 years or so. The last time was in 1986. It´s most famous appearance was in 1066, the night before the infamous Battle of Hastings. Given comets have historically been considered a bad omen indicating the death of a noble or a disaster, Halley´s comet made an ominous appearance in this particular year as King Harold of England died in the heat of the battle.

What are the Chances of a Comet Hitting Earth in 2012

Comets are notoriously difficult to predict. They have to come close enough to the sun to be seen with a naked eye and although they generally have an orbital cycle, their course can take a diversion due to the gravitational pull of other planets. Scientists believe that if a comet was to head towards Earth it would be too late to do anything about it.

Some comets have been observed to break up during their passage towards Earth and perform spectacular meteorite showers. Comets therefore are not expected to cause widespread damage even if there was one bigger enough to pose a threat. Sightings of comets have been documented since ancient China, and to date, not one has been reported as causing the planet any harm.

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