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Science – ElectroMagnetic Field

As you may have read in the 2012 Doomsday theories, the Earth could be in danger from the weakening of the elector-magnetic field. Put simply, the electro-magnetic field is an invisible force field that protects Earth from galactic harm, mostly from the solar wind, a stream of radiation particles given out by the Sun.

Magnetic field lines extend from the North Pole and the South Pole around the earth, generated by electrical currents that flow in metal liquid and circulates in the outer core deep inside the planet. The movement of the metal creates currents that form the electro-magnetic field.

The fields span out into space for tens of thousands of miles, creating what scientist call the magnetosphere. This diverts fierce fireballs thrown out by the sun in what is known as electromagnetic storms. Without it all living organisms on Earth would fry.

The magnetic poles move around the surface of the Earth and are known to wander as much as 15 km every year. And this is why some scientists believe we may be at risk come 21 December 2012.

It is thought that the precession of the equinoxes could affect the direction of the electromagnetic fields and cause them to change direction, similar to what they believe will happen if there is a dramatic polar shift. If a geomagnetic shift were to occur, the electromagnetic field is likely to weaken its defenses whereby the planet would heat up dramatically and cause the polar ice caps to melt. If this happens we can expect sea levels to rise considerably, create devastating tidal waves and land swallowing floods.

It is widely regarded that the precession of the equinoxes will take place in the winter solstice of December 2012, though some astronomers argue it is only a precession from Earth´s perspective and not a true galactic alignment when all the planets actually fall into the centre of the galaxy. Therefore it´s not a full precession and is unlikely to effect the Earth´s electromagnetic field.

This is not to say however, that the electromagnetic field will not be effected in some way as Earth moves round on its axis by one degree each year, but it is believed to have flipped 780,000 years ago which drastically weakened the electromagnetic field. As explained in our article on Pole Shifts we may well be due another geomagnetic shift, though as it is unpredictable nobody can say for certain. But then again, the scientific community can´t agree on when the last flip really did happen or how long it ought to take the poles to reverse. Does anybody know anything anymore? It would seem not.

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