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The Ancient Maya Prophesised the Coming of the New Age

The ancient Mayans had a profound understanding of the Universe and predicted the coming of a new age. Every 5,125 years our solar system completes a full cycle which ends in the planets aligning with each other. The cycle is due to end on the 21st December 2012.

Ignore the doomsday theories; the Mayans actually predict good things for the future of the planet:

“Let there be light! Let the dawn rise over heavens and earth! There can be no glory, no splendour, until the human being exists, the fully developed man!”

According to the ancient Mayan, as Earth passes into a new phase of time we will experience a heightened sense of conscious awareness. It will be a period of great learning and change providing that humanity is committed to correcting past mistakes in which we have caused the Mother Earth to suffer.

The Mayan prophecy also speaks of man already knowing what we need to do – it is merely a matter of realising it. Plato wrote of a similar concept in ancient Greece that he called innate ideas. However, the Mayans go one step further and predict that the changes to man´s conscious spirit in the 21st century will send the right vibrations into the universe and this will protect earth from destruction.

However, they also noted that if man is burdened with fear and intolerance of the world our woes may get washed away in tsunami´s, tidal waves and floods. They warn that a lack of care for the planet´s natural resources would cause Mother Earth to retaliate in order that she may recover.

The path of cosmic evolution

If the Maya are right, the rise in conscious reality will open people´s eyes so they will be able to see the disintegration of society. Our political system is one built on fear and the only way for the system to fail is for man to acknowledge the ultimate path to understanding our origins. The path of the cosmic evolution is believed to be the trigger for our collective consciousness to bud and flourish.

After the awakening it will be possible for mankind to undertake a transformation which will afford us new and exciting possibilities. The modern day Maya believe we can achieve harmony and deeper understanding of ourselves and each other. Coincidentally, the word Maya means a mind that frees itself from the body and seeks co-existence independently – or in other words, to be enlightened.

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