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The Challenger Disaster

Some claims made by scholars interpreting Nostradamus´ predictions are hard to dispute. Others fall short of the mark and only a stretch of the imagination can shape the verses of his quatrains to fit the theory. Of course, the majority of the French Seers prophecies are interpreted after the event has occurred and because of their cryptic nature symbologists can manipulate the content for their own means.

One such example of this manipulation of decoding can arguably be found in the following prophecy that scholars attribute to the French Seer correctly predicting the Challenger disaster which shocked the world and seriously dented NASA´s space program.

Century 1 Quatrain 81

Nine will be set apart from the human flock
Separated from judgement and counsel:
Their fate to be determined on departure
Great blame, to the other great praise.

On 28th January 1986, NASA´s space shuttle, Challenger erupted in a fireball of flames. Aired on live TV and watched by millions, the disaster shocked the world. It´s seven crew members were instantly annihilated and the finger of blame was pointed at NASA for their neglect in cutting costs and the subsequent design faults.

The Challenger space shuttle exploded just seventy-one seconds after launch when volatile gases leaked from the left rocket-booster and NASA was accused of flaws in the design. Experts determined that the catastrophe occurred due to an ineffective O-ring that had been purchased in an attempt to cut costs.

Given the details of the disaster and comparing them against the interpretation of the above quatrain, it appears Nostradamus had got his prediction right again – other than the number of astronauts. Nostradamus clearly states that “Nine will be set apart from the human flock,” but Challenger had only seven crew members.

Some scholars are quick to pass this inconsistency off as a mistake whilst others claim the nine refers to nine members of the Supreme Counsel who are considered above the law. How they fit into the Challenger disaster is not explained.

The third and fourth lines are readily interpreted as “departure” from the planet and those that took the blame were NASA for cutting costs by fitting an O-ring manufactured by Thiokol whose O-ring was not efficient to withstand the blastoff and allowed gas to leak. The others receiving great praise at the time were the Russians, whose Mir Space Station holds the record for the longest time a human has spent in space over the course of one uninterrupted period.

Yet this mistake of nine shuttle members and not seven still fails to convince some non-believers – so scholars find another quatrain to manipulate or what scholars describe as “Green Language,” in other words letters and meanings that can be reversed or changed to give a whole new meaning.

Century 2 Quatrain 92

Fire color of gold from the sky seen on earth:
Heir struck from on high, marvelous deed done:
Great human murder: the nephew of the great one taken,
Deaths spectacular the proud one escaped.

Some scholars also attribute the above quatrain to refer to the Challenger Disaster, with the opening line describing the moment of the explosion. It is the second line when they begin to decode Nostradamus clues that things get really interesting. “Heir” is taken to read as ascendant, or that which reaches on high and that “marvelous deed done,” is changed to sdeed or speed and done meaning ended, thus that which reaches high speeds in the air comes to a spectacular end.

The start of the third line is self-explanatory. NASA negligence resulted in the death of the seven crew members and under modern law negligence can be classified as manslaughter. The word “neveu” is one that has been manipulated using the principles of green language in that the “n” can be replaced with an “s” and the “u” with an “n” thereby spelling the word seven – the seven crew members.

It´s understandable that Nostradamus would have needed to code his quatrains so they did not capture the imaginations of the Inquisition whereby he would have been killed. But why would Nostradamus need to veil an event 400 years in the future when he had the backing and the protection of the King of France and a high-ranking member of the d´Medici family on his side?


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