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The Death of Princess Diana

Nostradamus is widely regarded as one of the great prophets of all time. It is believed by scholars that many of his predictions have come true. Among the many interpreters of Nostradamus is London astrologer, Tadd Mann who proposes the French Seer prophesised the death of Princess Diana.

Century 2 Quatrain 28

The penultimate son of the man with the Prophets name
Will bring Diana to her day of rest:
He will wander far because of a frantic head,
And delivering a great people from subjection.

On the 31st August 1997, Princess Diana died in a fatal car crash along with her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, the second of Mohamed Al Fayed, the man with the prophet´s name. Mr Al Fayed was so convinced that the death of his son and the princess was a conspiracy that he embarked on a witch hunt to prove their deaths were not an accident. Al Fayed´s conviction and determination to bring his son´s death to justice exposed the British Royal family as the conspirators and for the first time in history, open the eyes of a subjected public to the evils amongst Britain´s elite.

Even without the prompts of Mohamed Al Fayed however, the British public vented their frustration against Queen Elizabeth II for her lack of support and empathy towards the death of her former daughter-in-law. At the time of the accident, the Queen was on one of her summer sojourns in Balmoral. Her defence for not returning to London was so she could protect her two grandson´s William and Harry from the furore in the nation´s capital.

The anger of the British nation was also directed at Prince Charles, “the hated prince,” for his treatment of Diana and accusations were angled at him for his involvement in Diana´s death.

Century 2 Quatrain 7

The minor son of the great and hated Prince,
He will have a great touch of leprosy at the age of twenty:
Of grief his mother will die very sad and emaciated,
And he will die where the loose flesh falls.

When Diana died, Prince Charles flew over to Paris to recover the body. He ordered that the body of Princess Diana was to be embalmed before a post-mortem could be carried out. This broke the law on two counts. Anybody who has died of unnatural causes must undergo a post-mortem. The examination must be undertaken before the body is embalmed as the formaldehyde in the lotion makes the tests inconclusive. Because Charles ordered the body to be embalmed Diana never underwent a post-mortem.

It was claimed by Mohamed Al-Fayed that Diana was pregnant with the child of his son, Dodi. It was considered inconceivable that the future King of England should have a Muslim half-brother. However, because a post-mortem could not be carried out on Diana, this claim could not be proven. In addition, the only person who can order a corpse to be embalmed is the next of kin. As Prince Charles and Princess Diana were no longer married, Charles is not the next-of-kin and under European law had no right to order that her body was embalmed.

Nostradamus mentions “The minor son of the great and hated Prince, will have a great touch of leprosy at the age of twenty.” The minor son of Prince Charles is believed to be Prince Harry, but it was Prince William who continued the work of his mother at the Leprosy Mission. However, examine photos of Charles, William and Harry and only two of them look alike. It is known that Princess Diana had an affair with Major James Hewitt, and though the Royal family claim this did not occur until 1985 or 1986 depending on which report you read, the likeness of Prince Harry to Hewitt is far more striking than it is with Prince Charles.

Century I Quatrain 84

The moon obscured in deep gloom,
her brother becomes bright red in colour.
The great one hidden for a long time in the shadows,
will hold the blade in the bloody wound.

With the use of the word, “moon,” in the above quatrain it is likely that Nostradamus was referring to the Goddess Diana from Roman mythology. Indeed, there are many similarities between Princess Diana and the ancient Roman Goddess of hunting, childbirth and protector of the weak.  Princess Diana gave birth to the future King of England and was involved with numerous charities including leprosy and the banning of land mines.

Furthermore, the Goddess Diana appears in religion depicted as the Virgin Mary and the Princess had to be a virgin in order to marry Prince Charles. Princess Diana was married in St. Paul´s Cathedral, a former pagan site dedicated to the Roman Goddess and is buried in the Spencer family estate in a tomb surrounded by groves – also associated with the Goddess Diana. Incidentally, the Princess died in the Pont de L´Alma tunnel, a sacred site upon which the Merovingian Knights built a temple dedicated to the Goddess Diana.

After Diana´s death, her brother Earl Spencer became red in the face for two reasons. One was in anger towards the paparazzi who were blamed were chasing Diana to her death. The other was because he had fallen out with his sister and publicly accused her of having mental health issues. It was not unusual for the Princess to claim she felt her life was in danger and even wrote a letter saying her husband was “planning an accident in my car.” So much for her mental health issues.

In the third line, the “great one hidden for a long time in the shadows,” could refer to several of the Royal Family, whether it be the Queen or Prince Charles. Until Diana´s death and the numerous mythologies and connections that were found relating to Freemasonry, it was a little known fact that the Queen and prince Charles were 33rd degree masons – thought by many commentators today to be the people that lurk in the shadows.

Century 10 Quatrain 98

For the merry maid the bright splendor
Will shine no longer, for long will she be without salt:
With merchants, bullies, wolves odious,
All confusion universal monster.

Princess Diana was the most photographed women in the world and the most well-liked of all the royals. She was indeed the bright splendour. In the days of the ancient Romans, anything described as “salt” meant that it had great value or worth. Though Diana was regarded this way by the world, she had no worth in the eyes of the Royal family or the conspirators that served to kill her. Her divorce to Prince Charles effectively gave up her right to be Queen of England.

“Merchants, bullies, wolves odious, all confusion universal monster,” can only apply to the Masonic illuminati that conspired to kill Princess Diana. It is a well-known fact that Diana was on a personal crusade to ban the manufacturing of land mines, a multi-billion dollar business to the arms traders and war makers of this world – “the universal monster.”

On 17th September 1997, Diana had arranged for a treaty to be signed by the heads of state banning the use of landmines. Bill Clinton, the US President at the time publicly announced he would be in Oslo to support the Diana´s treaty. The treaty was indeed signed three weeks after the Princesses death, but Clinton failed to show. It´s no coincidence that many of the arms dealers, (merchants), bullies (CIA) and wolves (powerful families) of the illuminati reside in the United States.

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