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The Deganawidah Prophecy of the Two Serpents

There are striking similarities between the Deganawidah Prophecy of the two serpents and numerous quatrains penned by the 16th Century French seer, Nostradamus. The Deganawidah prophecy was told by a boy who had a vision that represented a time when the Iroquois Indians would experience great suffering, but the prophecy could easily be a metaphor for the suffering of mankind that Nostradamus predicts in his quatrains.

The Indian boy said there would come a time when his people would distrust their leaders. Two serpents are entwined as friends, a red serpent and a white serpent, but an argument erupts and the serpents fight. During the fighting the Iroquois Indians would assemble in a hilly land where they would seek to renew their faith and teach the principles of peace. The Indian people would emerge a stronger nation than ever before.

Could it be that the two serpents represented in the Deganwidah prophecy is China and the United States. They have never been what you could exactly call “friends,” but they have been entwined in business like lovers. Major corporations in the United States have taken advantage of the cheap labour in China whilst the Communist government has allowed the exploitation to continue in order to allow their economy to grow.

It all seems very convenient that the US has allowed one of their closest allies to develop an economic growth in such expedient fashion – even to the point where White House has allowed China to hold $1.17 Trillion of US debt which entitles them to bypass Wall Street and deal directly with the Treasury. In other words they have stripped out the middleman. There is something strikingly dodgy about this arrangement.

Century 9, Quatrain 62

At the great battle of Armageddon
Shall join the crusade through rows totally attached
The pertinacious army of God against the army of the evil Serpent
The Dragon shall be loosened on October third

The above quatrain makes direct reference to The Dragon, a symbol associated with China engaging in “the great battle of Armageddon…on October third.” We must assume that the “army of God,” is the United States and its NATO cohorts that is made up of predominantly Christian countries. In China Christians are persecuted just as they were 2000 years ago when Christianity was making its entrance.

Although it seems inevitable that the US will go to war with China at some point, the question still remains when it will happen. Given the hype of 2012 it could be as soon as this coming Fall. The idea certainly fits with the Deganawidah Prophecy which states it will come when people do not trust the government.

Distrust of world leaders is becoming very prominent around the world at the minute. There have been numerous uprisings in protest against the state in the Middle East and various groups of forming in opposition to the economic crisis in Europe and America. The official 9/11 story continues to attract more doubters. It´s only a matter of time before enough people wake up for populations to implode – but by that time it might be too late and the world will already be at war.

The prophecies of Nostradamus and the Deganawidah is a sickening thought, and with the power shift from the United States and China escalating it is inevitable that the world´s greatest powerhouses, or serpents, will clash before too long. We can only hope that the Deganawidah are right about mankind coming back stronger.

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