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The Iroquois Prophecy Predicts End times

The Iroquois prophecy can be found in the writings of Handsome Lake, a 18th Century native Indian who lived in a Seneca village on the Genesee River in Avon near New York. After experiencing a number of prophetic visions Handsome Lake went on to become an influential leader and was responsible for changing Haudenosaunee society under the terms of his laws, known as the Code of Handsome Lake. But just like Nostradamus, Handsome Lake also witnessed scenes from the future which predicted the end time of planet Earth.

When the Pickering Treaty was signed by the newly elected US officials following Americas war for Independence against the British, the Haudenosaunee lost the majority of the land because they had sided with the British. They were forced to live in run-down reservations and many of them turned to alcohol. Handsome Lake was such a person, but it was from a drunken episode that he had his first vision warning him of the dangers of alcohol. The next day he gave up drinking.

His visions continued and he claims to have been visited by Jesus in a vision and was told “If your people follow the way of the white man they will be destroyed.” He began preaching against alcoholism and created a moral code which eventually restored pride into the community and family homes of the Iroquois. Such was Handsome Lakes influence scribes began documenting his prophecies.

Handsome Lake prophesied the end of the world as we know would come when the trees started to die from the top down. All over the world people are reporting their trees are dying from the top down; Japanese Maples, Birch trees, oak trees, cedar trees and Aspen trees are all wilting because fungus in the soil is causing root rot. But the trees are only the first sign. Handsome Lake says that there will come a time when nothing grows in the garden and there will be mass food shortages, and the waters will become soiled and unfit to drink. These problems will create a monster that the prophet called “the sickness that eats you up inside.”

In the last twenty years public water sources have been brought up by private companies like Nestle and Coca Cola and sold back to us in bottles for an inflated price. Coincidentally, water levels of the great lakes around the world have fallen to such a low level, experts fear we are heading for a water crisis. Politicians tell us this is due to climate change, but the truth is the major companies have been bottling water up and shipping it around the world instead of attempting to clean up freshwater systems in under developed countries.

Handsome Lake also talks about diseases spreading throughout the world the likes of what we have never witnessed before. In several of his quatrains, Nostradamus also talks of famines and disease. Could these forthcoming problems be anything to do with companies privatizing water – an essential human need and a public right of access!

Century 5, Quatrain 63

From the vain enterprise honor and undeserved complaint,
Boats tossed about among the Latins, cold, hunger, waves
Not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood,
And diverse plagues will be upon mankind.

Century 6, Quatrain 5

Very great famine (caused) by a plague-ridden wave,
Will extend through long rain the length of the Arctic pole:
“Samarobryn” one hundred leagues from the hemisphere,
They will live without law, exempt from politics.

In Century 6 Quatrain 5 above, it is interesting to note Nostradamus writes, “They will live without law, exempt from politics.” It quatrain seems to imply that countries will become lawless after devastating famines turn people into savages, but at the same time the great French seer could be referring to the money-hungry whores of major companies who are controlling the water supply which gives them the power to take away our life source when the great famine comes.

These companies that are buying all the water are breaching our human rights whilst politicians sit back and allow it to happen – you could say “They live without law and are exempt from politics.” According to Alex Jones, not only do these private companies fluoridate the water, fluoride being the main ingredient of rat poison and makes people docile, they also make the plastic bottles out of harmful toxins that reach dangerous levels the longer the water stays in the bottle.

We are being slowly killed by major organizations and the mainstream newspapers put a positive slant on it by quoting people saying “A little poison in the drinking water won´t kill us.” But as Handsome Lake and Nostradamus predict, when we don´t have any drinking water left because it is being hoarded by the major companies the docile people who don´t care about being poisoned will turn into wild savages and kill others to get their poisoned water.

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