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The Time of the Twenty-First Century Prophet

The debate over whether the prophecies of Nostradamus and other fortune tellers spanning back centuries should be believed or not will never reach a conclusion. Some people will believe the truth scholars find in the French seers quatrains, others will continue to write it up as a puzzle fitting into a theory. The same can be said for the majority of prophets throughout history.

As we creep into the 21st Century, a new breed of prophet is emerging, except they are not called prophets anymore. They are called futurists. The only difference between a prophet and a futurist – as the mainstream press label them – seems to be a massive time lapse of say around 500 years or more.

The only exception to that rule is Edgar Cacye, the so-called “sleeping prophet,” who lived in the 21st Century. Cayce had a gift for accurately predicting the future by falling into a self induced meditative state whereby he claimed to ascend to other dimensions in order to access the Akashic records where the past, present and future of our conscious soul is logged.

Although Cayce is in the main taken as a genuine prophet, there is little real evidence to support his claims of prophecies as most of his readings were conducted on people who are now dead. Scholars, and the Cayce institute do claim that some of the things Cayce prophesied are coming true, again there is no sufficient evidence to say these documents are 100 per cent genuine.

The same applies to Nostradamus and although many people look to the French seer for clues of the future, his clues are so cryptic they can mean a number of things. One prediction everyone can agree on is that Nostradamus predicts a major catastrophe on earth. But so does ancient civilizations, religious texts and the guy on the street with a bill board.

Future predictions

To dub historical seers as “prophets for the 21st Century”, is leading a blind man into a dark alley when you have prophets of the 21st Century to draw upon. These so-called futurists have seen and lived through many political changes in the last 100 years, thus can hazard a pretty sophisticated guess as to what may become of the world in the not too distant future. Alarmingly many of their “predictions” foretold some 50 years ago or more are more accurate in today´s world than the majority of people walking the streets in today´s world.

Over the coming weeks, is going to look at what futurists are predicting for the near future. To give you an idea, and although he is not part of our list, George Orwell who wrote the novel 1984 in 1939 is considered a futurist. He predicted what the future might look like way ahead of his time based on the politics of his day and was not far off the mark.

The futurists we will concentrate on are philosophical thinkers, University Professors, religious leaders and respected media commentators. As a result a picture of the near future is painted. A picture the mass majority are not aware of. Or even worse, turn a blind eye to.

The man on the street with the billboard may not be completely right, but he is closer to the truth than the average ignoramus that calls him a crackpot. No, the world is not nigh, but the world as we know it is. You don´t have to believe the predictions of prophets, but you should at least listen to the warnings of the futurists. Let´s take a look at what they have to say:

Hans Magnus Enzensberger – predicts socialist restrictions in media

Amitai Etzioni – The Communitarianism Philosophy

Louis Farrakhan – The voice of the common man

Samuel Huntington – The clash between civilisations

Paul Kennedy – The stirrings of slave nations

Charles Murray – The great class divide

Noam Chomsky – The Threat of US Imperialism

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