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Who Was Jeane Dixon?

Jeane Dixon was an American mystic who prophesied dramatic events involving political figures. Raised in Missouri and California by her German immigrant parents, she left a modest lifestyle behind when she moved to Washington in 1939 after marrying James Dixon, a wealthy real estate investor. Despite the majority of her predictions proving to be false, she attracted the attentions of three US Presidents and was the darling of the media. Maybe then the question shouldn´t be who was Jeane Dixon, but rather who did Jeane Dixon know?

What the press don´t tell you is Dixon was socially acquainted with J. Edgar Hoover, the first director of the FBI from 1935 to 1972. Hoover was of course director of the FBI when the Kennedy brothers were assassinated, both of whom were supporters of the Civil Rights Movement and advocates of the anti-Vietnam campaign. The FBI were accused of serious negligence into the investigations of both deaths and the suspicion is they were directly involved. She also correctly predicted the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, again both alleged victims of an FBI conspiracy.

Knowledge for Dixons´s involvement with the FBI was discovered when it was leaked that the FBI´s Washington Field Office had liaison with the James L Dixon Company which rented property to Soviet-bloc personnel. In 1966, Jeane asked to be “furnished material by the Bureau” on an extremely confidential basis. Not wanting to be accused as an agency mouthpiece Dixon is believed to have presented the material “in such a manner that it cannot be attributed to the FBI.” Hoover approved the request and provided “public source background information” about groups involved in campus disturbances.

Is it a coincidence then that Dixon’s most impressive predictions were in the late 1940´s and all throughout the 1950s and 60s? She accurately predicted Harry Truman´s otherwise unforeseen victory over the favourite Thomas Dewey, the launch of Sputnik, the demise of Nikita Krushev and the election of President Dwight Eisenhower – all secret information the FBI director would be privy to.

Perhaps someone else was also suspicious about Jeane´s accurate predictions in political affairs as an anonymous letter was sent to Louisiana´s state senator Hale Boggs citing how the Gideon´s Bible links the assassinations of the Kennedy´s with the Rosicrucians, the Ku Klux Klan, the Freemasons and the Mafia and repeatedly refers to Dixon´s premonitions of “murder or bodily harm” to Democratic leaders. A year later the senator´s plane mysteriously vanished over Alaska.

Which incidentally wasn´t the first plane crash Dixon was associated with as another of her accurate prophecies proclaimed the UN Secretary Dag Hammerskold would be killed in a plane accident. In 1960 Hammerskold responded to a cry for help by the President of Congo when they were faced with mutiny from the Governments army. The US did not want the UN to get involved and the Russians accused the Hammerskold and the West for staging a coup d’état. It is believed the USSR were interested in Uranium which the Congo were in vast supply of and had an arrangement with Congo officials. During his fourth trip to Congo the UN President´s plane went down. An official explanation was never given, but again, the incident is something the FBI would have knowledge of.

Jeane Dixon was not the angel the popular media made her out to be. In the mid-1960´s Dixon founded a Charity for children, but it was reported in a Washington magazine the majority of the funds raised went to creating the Jeane Dixon Medical Centre, paid salaries and publicized the mystic. Of the $5000 collect in a five year period only 19% was awarded to the charity. Dixon tried intimidating the editor of the magazine by saying, “I know people who control billions, not millions.” The bad publicity soon faded and she continued to be marauded by mainstream media.

Taking into account Jeane Dixon´s record as a mystic, her authenticity and creditability have to be seriously questioned. Was she merely an FBI tool to spread disinformation? What is most concerning however, is that Dixon, like Nostradamus and many other prophets also predicted the coming of an antichrist.

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