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When Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation last month, the Catholic world was shocked. But that was nothing compared to how scholars of Nostradamus and other prophets felt. They were mortified. Saint Malachy, an Irish Archbishop wrote in the 12th Century that the 112th Pope will rule of doomsday. In the 16th Century, Nostradamus wrote a Pope that originates from ancient France will “cause a cruel plague in his realm.”

Joseph Ratzinger is the 111th pope, thus if St. Malachy´s scribbling in 1139 hold any truth, the next pope will reign in a time of the world´s apocalypse. We´ve been teetering on the brink for a while now and the predictions of Nostradamus allude to mass destruction, plague and starvation – the aftermath of nuclear war.

Vatican cardinals gathered in Rome this week to begin the first round of talks to elect a new pope. The conclave have already said they hope to elect a new leader for the Catholic Church ahead of Holy Week which kicks off on 24th March – thus all eyes will be on the Vatican in the next couple of weeks.

Doomsday Prophecies of last Pope

In the 12th Century, St. Malachy wrote a list of predictions about each Pope. Many of them have been accurate such as John Paul II whom Malachy predicted was “the eclipse of the sun”. John Paul II was born during a solar eclipse. The 12th Irish bishop described Pope Benedict XVI as the “Glory of the Olives”. Saint Benedict was the founder if the brotherhood that called themselves the Olivetans. Malachy describes the next – and potentially – last Pope as “Peter the Roman.”

You may be pleased to know there are no papal prospects called Peter and the Pope cannot take the name Peter therefore Malachy´s prediction is causing some problems deciphering. Nostradamus offers a few more crumbs.

Century 5 Quatrain 49

Not from Spain but from ancient France
Will one be elected for the trembling bark,
To the enemy will a promise be made,
He who will cause a cruel plague in his realm

It´s interesting to note that the French seer writes “the trembling bark,” something we can visibly see with the Catholic Church at the present time. The next pope however is said to come from ancient France and will make a promise to the enemy. Ancient France is predominantly central Europe, but there is nothing to say that the prophecy is not referring to a bloodline of the ancient France.

Papal promises to World Elite

It´s the final two lines of the above quatrain that creates the greatest stir of fear: The Pope makes a promise to the enemy and will cause a cruel plague. The cruel plague could easily be chemical warfare – something the world´s elite seem be steering us towards despite promises after the Second World War, the planet would never again experience such horrors. But that was three generations ago and most people today don´t remember that promise.

The “enemy” Nostradamus refers to is the World Elite – the manufacturers of capitalism, the corrupt financial system and mind-controlling political media. Since the Catholic Church grew in stature and eventually took control of the Roman Empire there has been a power struggle between the Church and powerful families of Europe – and today the USA.

The tide turned in favour of rich families when in the 19th Century when Nathaniel Rothschild made a fortune by leaking false news about Napoleon´s victory in the Battle of Waterloo. Of course Britain had won, but by the time the real news got back to London, Rothschild had snapped up shares in the most powerful companies for next to nothing and cashed in on the subsequent boom.

The rise of Capitalism

With so much wealth Nathaniel Rothschild designed a financial system that created perpetual debt whereby the poor get poorer and the rich richer. It´s the same system we still use today. The Rothschild family went on to dominate the financial world with the purchase of the Bank of England and have amassed the biggest fortune of any family in history.

Banks hold the most power, but the Industrial revolution saw the emergence of corporations who made fortunes big enough to monopolise energy, consumerism, food, health and media – the staples of society. The Rothschild´s emerged from a Frankfurt Ghetto to become the most powerful family on the planet. The media and most other leading corporations are owned by Jews.

After killing Jesus, the Jews are an old enemy of Christianity, but the Catholic Church no longer has sufficient power to call the shots. The church has control over 250 million faithful worshippers. The Zionist-run corporate empire has control over several billion people in the West and have their fingers in numerous pies elsewhere on the planet.

Put to take control of the planet with the tagline of New World Order they will have to overcome the likes of China, Iran and North Korea – which spells only one thing. War. Nostradamus predicted plague, starvation and fire in the sky. He also warns us to run for our lives. The problem is we have nowhere to run.

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