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World War I

There´s a lot of speculation about Nostradamus predicting World War 3 at the minute and with the world walking on egg shells as riots erupt all over the world, the United States and Britain continue to aggravate Iraq and Afghanistan and the China posing an economical threat to the European and American financial systems, there is hardly any wonder. It must be said that after studying the prophecies of the French Seer, also concluded the world could be on the brink of destruction at some point in the future.

That Nostradamus also prophesied World War II and as we shall discuss here, World War I, claims made by scholars about the likelihood of a Third World War seemingly carry a lot of weight. Though having said that, for such a major event in history, scholars only quote one prophecy of Nostradamus that they attribute to World War I.

Century 1 Quatrain 64

They will think they have seen the Sun at night
When they will see the pig half-man:
Noise, song, battle, fighting in the sky perceived,
And one will hear brute beasts talking.

The major clue Nostradamus drops into the above quatrain which helped to decipher its meaning comes in the third line when he mentions, “noise, song, battle, fighting in the sky perceived.” Of course, noise related to the explosion of bombs and between battles soldiers would sing in the trenches, but it is his reference to “fighting in the sky,” that is the real clincher.

World War I was the first time enemy sides engaged in aerial combat. The technology at the time was no more advanced than to accommodate fragile biplanes, planes fixed with two wings, on over the other, but nonetheless they were used as fighting machines to drop bombs. There was also the invention of Led Zeppelins, the helium airships such as the Hindenburg which were used to spy on enemy movements.

So once the key was identified it didn´t take much for scholars to decode the other versus of the quatrain. Nostradamus poetically refers to explosions as people believing they will see the sun night which is easy enough to interpret, but what of the Pig half-man he mentions in the second line. Here again, Nostradamus is perhaps referring to the aerial battle, though more precisely the attire of the pilots.

The helmets and face masks of World War I pilots pushed up the nose up slightly so that it appeared like that of a pig´s snout. Also the slick fabric of the headgear covered the head of hair and gave the appearance of clean skin much like that of a pig.

In the final line of the quatrain Nostradamus uses the expression, “brute beasts,” and indicates they are talking. Though moving away from pigs he has retained the image of beasts to stress the savage behaviour man had become accustomed to. Walk-talkies and radios were also used in the First World War and the French prophet could see them talking, perhaps the pig-like pilots in their headgear.

That Nostradamus is referring to World War I in the above quatrain is open to speculation as there is nothing specific that unequivocally suggests a war in Europe. Though the scholars could be on to something with regards the first known battle of the skies, it seems apparent that if Nostradamus had predicted such a significant event as World War I he would have made greater reference to it in other quatrains – and certainly the trenches would have got a mention.World War I

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