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World War III

The USA and the Middle-East

Of all the 2012 doomsday predictions put forth by the interpreters of Nostradamus, the most likely has to be World War III. The questionable invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan following the US and British engineered “terrorist attacks,” of 9/11 and 7/7 was surely the catalyst for further conflicts to come – and next time it´s likely to be on a bigger scale.

With the Western superpowers at loggerheads with leaders in the Middle-East, and China lurking dangerously in the shadows, World War III will no doubt be driven by the rift that has been wedged between Christianity and Islam. If only fanatics would realise they are being dumbed-down, the rest of us wouldn´t find ourselves in this mess, but alas, most people have already been brain-washed by, media, religion and politics to the point of no return.

Century 5 Quatrain 70

The regions subjected to Muslim armies,

Shall cause mountains trembling with great war,

Prisoners of both sexes and throughout Turkey,

One shall cry at dawn from land to land

It is clear from the above quatrain that Muslims will be involved in a war. Given the USA has invaded no fewer than 50 countries since World War II, it is inevitable they will have some involvement in which case Britain will follow. That Nostradamus mentions “one shall cry at dawn from land to land,” suggests the conflict will be on a far reaching scale. The question is therefore, which countries will be involved and what will trigger off events.

It´s difficult to answer what will be the root cause of World War III as Nostradamus is not specific in his quatrains, though, as we discover later in this series of articles, he does indicate France have a big part to play. Even still, with the manipulation of powerful leaders engineering the course of world events it could be any number of issues. One thing Nostradamus is clear about is the countries that will suffer greatly.

Nostradamus refers to a Muslim attack on Europe in a number of quatrains and makes reference to biological warfare: “they will be choked to death.” The republican schoolhouse has been quoted by scholars to mean the American government, but could refer more directly to the Skull & Bones which is a secret society that finds its members at Yale University.

Century 2 Quatrain 38

One year before the Italian conflict,
Germans, Gauls, Spaniards for the fort:
The republican schoolhouse will fall,
There, except for a few, they will be choked dead.

George W. Bush, his father and grandfather together with several other members of the Bush family are all Republicans and known members of the Skull & Bones secret society. Other Republican members include banker, Lewis Lapham, Sancho Panza, Henry Luce and McGeorge Bundy, one of the key architects to the Vietnam War. This could account for the opening line of this next quatrain:

Century 9 Quatrain 55

The horrible war that is being prepared in the West,
The following year will come the pestilence
So very horrible that young, old nor beast,
Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France

According to many people, “the horrible war which is being prepared in the west,” is a plan of world domination, known as the New World Order. As a Nostradamus code, NWO would mean OWN. The plan is to own the planet and all its inhabitants. Look down the list of countries owned by European monarchs and you will note they are over half way there already.

Since World War II, the US Government has had a hand in overthrowing the governments of at least a dozen countries in addition to supplying arms to evil dictators that includes Saddam Hussein. The CIA have sponsored or supported with military action coup d’état’s and assassination of government leaders in Guatamala,  Congo, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Indonesia and Greece to name but a few. And they haven´t stopped engineering wars on foreign soil; they´ve attacked the people of their own countries as well.

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