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Nostradamus Predictions

Anybody interested in the predictions of Nostradamus, and likewise the theories of what his writings mean, have come to the right place. is an unrivalled resource discussing a wide category of visions penned in the quatrains of the French “seer.” We will explore the interpretations put forward by scholars and question whether their claims that Nostradamus predicted the end of the world would occur in our time are correct; and just in case they are wrong we will also look beyond 2012.

Since he first published his visions in the 16th century collection, “The Prophecies,” Nostradamus has risen to prominence as a soothsayer and spiritual figure. He combined over a thousand quatrains into cryptic 4-line poems which even today are the source for many individuals involved with astrology, horoscopes and predictions of supernatural assistance. Many believe that some of these predictions have come true.

Nostradamus spent most of his life living in France and is believed to have roamed around Italy for four years following the death of his first wife and their two children. It is believed that during this period of depression and solitude Nostradamus developed his aptitude for clairvoyance. To learn more about the biography and history of Nostradamus, visit the Nostradamus Biography.

Of course, Nostradamus is not the only source from which scholars and researchers draw the inspiration for their work. And given that Nostradamus predicts a New Age Prophet, it seems he won’t be the last. As the site grows we will also reveal prophecies of other reputable seers such as Edgar Cayce, and explore the writings found in religious and spiritual texts like the Bible and the Maya.

There has already been much written about the Mayan calendar and the coming of the end in 2012. But what is significant about the date, 21 December 2012? Could it really be a new beginning or will we see the rise to power of a third antichrist? If so, who will it be? What will really happen to the world in 2012? Find out in 2012 Prophecies.

We hope you enjoy the Nostradamus Predicts website and by the end can see light in what will be a very long tunnel. And remember, don’t forget to return for updates otherwise you will forever be left in the dark.

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